Saturday, July 8, 2017


5am for the sunrise!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Train Tracks and Fringe

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been bettering my personal fitness and hadn't really been in clothes outside of tight workout spandex (no joke)! So I tried to take some time during the sunset last night to grab some photos along the train tracks along Kerrisdale.

These past two days have been the only days that felt like true summer. A perfect 26 degrees with sunshine all around... perfect weather to bring my fringe tops out that I bought at the end of summer season UO sale last year. I know fringe isn't for everyone. The peak-a-boo into the tummy could be a bit too much skin for some people, but I think it's a more conservative way to wear a mid-rift baring top then not have anything covering it at all. Especially with the heat, a little fresh air into the tummy can be soothing.

Another way to wear a fringe top is to wear a pair of high-waisted shorts. This way you can keep your tummy unexposed but still have the cuteness of the fringe.

Urban Outfitters fringe top; American Eagle white shorts; American Eagle espadrilles; Chanel Jumbo in Black Caviar

This picture... although it's focus is off, I still really like it. Somehow it makes the weeds still look beautiful.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Aren't these pants fun? They're so loud you can spot me from anywhere! The thing that I love most about them is that they're very stretchy and they hug the body in the right places. Of course... I wish they were a bit longer (I know, that's ALWAYS the problem.), but since they were on sale at H&M for only $15... I'll let that part slide.

Having such loud pants, I wanted to keep the top neutral with a pop of colour, so a simple black tank top paired with my faithful mustard yellow cardigan did the trick. I got many complements on both the pants and the mustard cardigan, so I'm sure I'm going to wear this outfit out again!

Fun Fact for Fun Pants: The houndstooth pattern is called the chicken's foot or "pied de poule" in French. Interesting eh? The things you learn sitting next to a Quebecois at work.

Outfit: H&M houndstooth pants (similar, similar in darksimilar in light); Forever21 black tank (here);
Lefties mustard cardigan (similar); Aldo 'Falge' booties (here);
Accessories: Chanel  'Jumbo Double Flap' in black caviar; Tudor 'Oyster Princess Date' watch 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer is Overdue

Sorry for the late post!

Over the Canada Day Long Weekend, I went to Portland to go surfing and didn't have any internet access... sad panda... but that's another story!

After a depressing, rainy June, it looks like July is going to be looking up! The weather man (shika shika kaboom!) said it's going to be sunny the next two weeks so I'm hoping I get to break out more summer gear before the sun goes into hibernation again.

I took advantage of one of the nicer days in June to snap these pictures of my summery outfit! Featuring soft colours and ladylike materials, I chose to keep this outfit short (literally) and show off my legs with a pair of high-waisted shorts. Finally, no leggings! On top, I'm really digging this mint spaghetti tank I got at Zara, and I layered it with a F21 crochet vest on top.

Oh yes, you also get to see my new Chanel in action!

Muubaa Athena leather jacket in lobster (here, or in brown); F21 crochet vest (old); Zara tank in mint; AE high-waisted shorts (old); AEO Artisan Wedge sandal; Chanel Jumbo Double Flap in Calfskin

See how the Jumbo size doesn't even look that big on me? A smaller bag wouldn't even be noticeable...
Surprisingly I can fit a lot of stuff in it. Maybe I'll do a 'What's in my bag' in my next post :)

Hope everyone had a great Canada Day and long weekend :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012


So I'm sure you remember I was getting a nice package from Paris... :)
Well after pulling some strings and doing the hokey pokey, I finally got my HG!

It came in this huge box...

Under a lot of tissue paper...

I really like those flower decorations it came with :)

Open up the dust bag...

Sneak Peak! In beautiful, black caviar with silver hardware...


It's the Jumbo Double Flap in Black Caviar with Silver Hardware!!

I was aiming for this size because I am a pretty big person. On me, the proportions looks the same as a Medium Flap on someone shorter. I've already brought it out for a spin and I'm loving it so much. You'll get to see it in action in my next post! Caviar is definitely, the best choice. Eee I'm so happy!!!

Closeup of interlocking C's

The back.

Now that I've found my HG, you're probably wondering what's next on my list...
*shhh! Not telling yet! :)

What is your ultimate holy grail handbag?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

OM NOMS: Meat and Bread

Remember the sneak peak of Meat and Bread seen a couple posts back?

They've finally opened and it's been a hit among the downtown workers ever since they debuted their new location inside Oceanic Plaza, a block (ish) away from Burrard Station. If you've ever been to the Cambie/Hastings location, you'll know how tasty their sandwiches are and this location is no different. I've tried the porchetta at both locations and they're both juicy, packed with meat, and delicious. The prices are the same, around $8 per sandwich. Though it may seem like a lot for some meat and bread, I assure you it'll be more than enough to satisfy even a monster appetite.

I highly recommend Meat and Bread at its super convenient new location! You won't regret it :)
More pictures below.

The Porchetta.

It's right across from my workplace, and every day when I walk past, there's a huge line of people waiting to get their hands on a gigantic sandwich. There's such a big line that they posted this humourous sign 20 metres into the line:

As you can see, the inside isn't big at all. Can you believe it's even smaller than the Cambie/Hastings location? It's literally just a hole in the wall with one table. Good thing Oceanic Plaza has a lot of space for good ol' standing noms.

The menu is a bit different at the new location- they have a new corned beef sandwich instead of the meatball sub. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm intending to over the next few weeks.

I especially like their new little take-out boxes. Super cute and convenient for bringing it back to work to eat if there isn't enough space in the Plaza to noms. Or if it's raining... haha. Oh Vancouver.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Re-Union Jack

A couple weeks ago a friend of mine came back from Hong Kong. A lot of my friends have moved away to other countries for work and/or school, but the best thing is, that they always come back to visit Vancouver :) I always try to catch up with friends when they're back for just a short amount of time.

When my friend came back this time, she didn't come empty handed! She brought today's focal point of this post: yes, a new Alexander McQueen silk scarf!

*Happy Dance*

Ya'll know how much I loved my first MQ scarf, which I got for Christmas last year. This one is a whole new ballgame because it's gigantic! It features red and blue flowery print which shapes into a Union Jack with the word MCQUEEN through the middle. I absolutely love the red and blue combo because it's been my latest go-to colours. It's also very nautical, which I'm also loving.

Here, I'm wearing the main colours, red white and blue, and pairing it with neutrals black and gold.

Suzy Shier blazer (here); American Eagle crochet-back cropped tank (on sale! here); Zara high-waisted pants;
Massimo Dutti trench coat (here); Alexander McQueen scarf (similar); Tory Burch flats (similar); MBMJ Shifty satchel

Sunday, June 3, 2012

ASOS Hits and Misses

These recent hiccups in the weather leave me unknowing how to dress. One day it'll be completely beautiful sunshine outside, and the next week it will be horrible dreary never-ending rain. That was pretty much last week. I wasn't able to get many pictures in, but that's why I saved this one til now!

I got this new harness jewellery piece that combines a ring and bracelet in one. Awesome much? It's totally me :) Best of all, it was reasonably priced, around $14 on ASOS. I rarely shop on ASOS because it takes literally forever to ship from the UK and returns is never a viable or cost-effective option for Canadians, but I figured this piece was a good investment.

H&M fur vest; Smart Set sheer top; J Brand Houlihan in vintage olive; MBMJ Shifty Satchel;
Espadrilles from Rome; ASOS harness chain

ASOS also has a bunch of other harness jewelerry that are totally hits for me, particularly these ones:

I also bought this harness belt thinking it would be super awesome.

Well, I was wrong. ASOS sizing sucks. I got the s/m thinking it would be nice and fitted like on the model, but if you're anywhere near my size (24-26" waist) this will be too big for you everywhere. The quality is also pretty crappy- it's pure plastic and not adjustable in size.

Total miss! I would stay away from all these harness belts!