Sunday, June 3, 2012

ASOS Hits and Misses

These recent hiccups in the weather leave me unknowing how to dress. One day it'll be completely beautiful sunshine outside, and the next week it will be horrible dreary never-ending rain. That was pretty much last week. I wasn't able to get many pictures in, but that's why I saved this one til now!

I got this new harness jewellery piece that combines a ring and bracelet in one. Awesome much? It's totally me :) Best of all, it was reasonably priced, around $14 on ASOS. I rarely shop on ASOS because it takes literally forever to ship from the UK and returns is never a viable or cost-effective option for Canadians, but I figured this piece was a good investment.

H&M fur vest; Smart Set sheer top; J Brand Houlihan in vintage olive; MBMJ Shifty Satchel;
Espadrilles from Rome; ASOS harness chain

ASOS also has a bunch of other harness jewelerry that are totally hits for me, particularly these ones:

I also bought this harness belt thinking it would be super awesome.

Well, I was wrong. ASOS sizing sucks. I got the s/m thinking it would be nice and fitted like on the model, but if you're anywhere near my size (24-26" waist) this will be too big for you everywhere. The quality is also pretty crappy- it's pure plastic and not adjustable in size.

Total miss! I would stay away from all these harness belts!


  1. Cool bracelet/ring. Too bad about the belt. I'm liking those combo necklace/belly chain jewelry right now.

  2. awww the last harnest belt look amazing on. i guess it won't fit me either for a size 26 waist. boo for false advertising about the material quality

  3. That bracelet looks so cool! Unfortunately for me, pretty much everything I've ordered from ASOS has been a bit of a miss for me. Not so much that everything looks bad but I haven't been too impressed with the quality. And since it got really popular, I've noticed that the prices have gone up a lot!

  4. I'm a bit confused by the harness belt - how would you wear it??? Lol.

  5. I love that harness hand jewellery!


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