Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stud Muffin

I've been feeling kinda down lately. I think it might be because I gained some weight and it all went to my tummy. Kinda self-conscious. But I'm sure some of you will say that I have nothing to complain about because I look slim anyway. But that's not the point. I don't want to be just look slim- I want to be fit, toned, and healthy. I should stop eating so much and stop being lazy. I need to start working out again.

I'm sure you guys have similar days where you just feel gross inside. That's me this week.

Nevertheless, here's an outfit that sorta reflects my emo-ness right now.

Black. Studs. Not much else.

Mackage 'Dawn' leather jacket (here; similar); LOFT white tank top;
Rock & Republic 'Crazy Bitch' in Taint (here, similar); Aldo 'Orlena' Boots (ps: fit narrow; size down. here)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wholesale7 Picks Of The Week: SKIRTS Edition

Since we're only a couple days away from so-called spring, this W7POTW is going to feature the freaking amazing must-have skirts on Wholesale7 right now! Mullet, tulip, asymmetrical, chiffon, slit, mini, maxi, and everything in between. The best part is, they're all under $8.

I'll start with my favourite. I absolutely adore this pink tulip+mullet combo. I'm usually not a lover of pink (I think it clashes with my skin tone) but this one is so cute I can ignore that fact. I actually really love this entire oufit.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Real Superheroes Don't Wear Capes, but Fashionistas Do

Isn't it always any child's dream to become a superhero? I always thought it would be pretty neat to be cat woman, or someone pretty bad ass like that. Too bad I can't actually kick anyone's butt. Well, the closest thing I can get to being a superhero is this MINKPINK Tail Em Up Long Back blouse, which I have dubbed my cape.

If I were any shorter, the drapage at the back of this blouse would totally touch the floor. Good thing I'm of above average height. WIN. Mullet skirts (sorry, I mean "assymmetrical", but not really) are in, so why not mullet blouses? I can see myself wearing this on top of some jean shorts at the beach, with the wind blowing and my cape trailing behind me. Sad the weather won't let me wear something like this now.

Did you see how fast the clouds were moving today??

MINKPINK Tail Em Up Long Back blouse (here in black, similar); H&M shorts; Christian Louboutin Iowa Zeppa 120

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crochet and Mint

I just can't WAIT for summer. With this outfit, here's hoping that summer comes earlier than ever. It's been way too cold for the past 6 months!! In preparation for the sun shiny days, I've hauled a lot of springy light chiffon blouses and cute shorts. Though I'm naturally tanned and don't really need to get any darker (my bf already makes fun of my tanned skin) I still yearn for the day that I can curl up near the window and sleep with the sun as my blanket. Meow~

One thing that I can see myself wearing all the time are these crochet shorts that I received from Oasap a week ago. They're $30, but if you sign up as a first time customer they'll send you a coupon for 25% off, making these babies only $22.50. They're comfortable, cute, and sexy, giving off that skirt vibe- little do the boys know they're actually shorts! Ricky is impartial to these because he thinks it looks too much like a doily. Well poo! I'm going to wear them anyways!

Wholesale7 blouse (here); Oasap crochet shorts (here); Banana Republic Espadrilles

Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Mustard

How's everyone's Monday so far? Mine isn't off to a good start. Someone at work messed with one of my files and now it's corrupted and I can't work on it anymore. What's left to do is to get IT to hopefully recover it for me. If not, I'm doomed. There goes 3 months of work...

On another note, this weekend is going to be great :) Have a fun day planned on Saturday with my good friend Grace. And maybe I'll be able to try this Parisian coffeeshop / bistro / bakery called Faubourg this Sunday with Emi. So we'll see!

On to the OOTD:

Lefties cardigan; H&M camisole; Lily White pleated skirt from Nordstrom Rack (similar);
Seduction leggings; H&M belt; Aldo 'Doiley' boots (here)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wholesale7 Picks of the Week

Not as much good stuff this time around, but some things I've definitely added to my wishlist. Sometimes, I just go on Wholesale7 for outfit ideas... to see what I can incorporate into my outfits and style it to be more 'me'. When I look on WS7, I generally take note of all their outfits (not just the piece they're selling) and put it in my favourites any ways. North American style is so different from Asian style at times, so looking at WS7 and watching Asian dramas keeps me in the loop with Asian fashion as well :)

On to the picks!

This one is my favourite of the bunch. Skull accents on an otherwise simple tee, reminiscent of Alexander McQueen, one of my fav designers :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Go-To Comfort

For the past week, I haven't felt like brogging. Probably because I'm still healing from my fall, but also since it's been  crummy weather. I haven't been entirely creative either because work has been sucking all the juice out of my system. Working OT this whole week. But! I did manage to get one outfit post out when I went out for Mac n' Cheese with my favourite people, Ricky and Emi.

My mood totally changes the way I dress. When it's ugly outside, I always feel so blah so I try to dress as warmly and comfortably as possible without looking like a bum. And that's when I grab my gigantic Old Navy sweater. Scarves are another go-to item I love to just throw on before I go out the door.

Also featured in this post are my new brown ORLENA boots from Aldo. Remember how I bought the black ones here? Well it was so hard to resist getting the brown leather ones too during their last big sale when they're under $30! This time I laced them loosely all the way up and they're still just as comfortable and cute.

Old Navy waffle-knit sweater (here); American Apparel blue salt/pepper circle scarf (here);
J Brand twill skinnies in Nightfall (here); Aldo 'Orlena' boots (here)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Review: Banana Republic Tall Classic Trench

Remember that deal I posted a while back? Well, since I'm feeling less gimpy today I decided to do my long-overdue review for the Banana Republic Tall Classic Trench in XS. I'll be comparing it to the Massimo Dutti trench I bought in Barcelona, which I wrote about here and seen here. To gain more perspective about how this fits on my body, my measurements are listed here.

At first glance: 

Even though I got the smallest size possible (XS), I find that the sizes at BR still fit quite large- vanity sizing fail. It fits quite roomy on me, definitely with enough leeway to wear a large sweater and blazer underneath. But one thing is for sure, the sleeve length is more than suitable even for my long arms, and the waist-belt (for once!) was right at my waist. The shoulders are a PERFECT fit, and the coat hits at a conservative length, just above my knee.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wholesale7 Picks of the Week

Despite having a gimp leg and gimped hands, I still have enough awesomeness to pull together a Wholesale7 Picks of the Week! Here are some favourites old and new from Wholesale7 this week.

Wholesale7 is a great place to find cheaper dupes of current styles in store. I went to Zara this week and found a dress with a side chiffon over shoulder piece, just like the beautiful blue on the last row. The nautical bag is definitely one to buy for the summer months (IF THAT EVER COMES!), and I see it being a GREAT beach bag! The sandals beside it were pointed out to me by Emi, and I think it'll be a great summer shoe as well.

Looking at all this warm weather clothing really makes me miss summer!