Monday, March 5, 2012

Review: Banana Republic Tall Classic Trench

Remember that deal I posted a while back? Well, since I'm feeling less gimpy today I decided to do my long-overdue review for the Banana Republic Tall Classic Trench in XS. I'll be comparing it to the Massimo Dutti trench I bought in Barcelona, which I wrote about here and seen here. To gain more perspective about how this fits on my body, my measurements are listed here.

At first glance: 

Even though I got the smallest size possible (XS), I find that the sizes at BR still fit quite large- vanity sizing fail. It fits quite roomy on me, definitely with enough leeway to wear a large sweater and blazer underneath. But one thing is for sure, the sleeve length is more than suitable even for my long arms, and the waist-belt (for once!) was right at my waist. The shoulders are a PERFECT fit, and the coat hits at a conservative length, just above my knee.

The trench coat features a double breasted design and has a clasp on the collar for colder days. The shoulders have epaulets detailing, the sleeve cuffs and waist belt both have buckles for the straps. There are also buttons on slit pockets which may come in handy.

Upon closer inspection:

On the BR website, it claims that the jacket has these measurements:
Bust: 33"; Natural Waist: 26"; Hip: 36"; Sleeve Length: 33.5"

I was skeptical about these measurements since the jacket feels so roomy, so I measured them myself. The ones on the website are totally false! Here are the real measurements on a size XS:
Bust: 34"; Natural Waist: 30"; Hip: 38"; Sleeve Length: 25.5"; Length: 37"; Shoulders: 15.75" across

I'm not sure how they measured the sleeves, because even including the shoulders it wasn't 33.5"!
Anyhow, since there is a waist belt the waist isn't much of a problem, since tying it with instantly cinch up your waist. I'm not too worried about the other measurements, like the bust and hip, since I'm mostly going to be wearing layers underneath, so the extra inches help when I wear this on top of blazers for work.

The only thing that really bothers me is how this material is so attracted to cotton fluffs! Everything sticks to it- if you wear a cotton blouse, the jacket with instantly pick up little bits of fluff onto the jacket. It's quite annoying. I have to constantly use a lint roller. I'm thinking of running a dryer sheet over it to remove the static.

Banana Republic Trench vs. Massimo Dutti Trench:

Comparing it to my Massimo Dutti trench coat, the BR one is longer in all aspects: The sleeves are longer by  an inch, the length by 3 inches, and the shoulders by an inch.

The collar on the MD trench is considerably smaller than the one on the BR trench coat, which you can see is much wider and longer.

When looking at the buttons, I like the ones on the MD trench more. There are the same amount of buttons on each, but the MD ones are farther apart and more spread out. I feel like the BR one is missing one right at the collar, where I'm pointing to in the picture. Without that button it seems like the clasp is only doing half the job of keeping the wind out from your neck, since there is no button keeping the flap up.

As for my favourite detail on the MD trench, the inside breast pocket, the BR one sadly does not have this important feature. One thing that I thought would be a staple in trench coats is an inside pocket (for hustling hustling hustling)- so why would BR omit this secret pocket? It also must be customary for trench coats to have fun nautical stripey lining, haha.

All in all, the BR trench has its good points. It's longer sleeves, length and shoulders makes this a good fall jacket, where as the MD trench is a better spring choice since its a little shorter and slimmer. For a girl who can never find jackets that fit, this BR trench coat is a suitable alternative, though not perfect. Despite the lack of inside breast pockets, it's very well made, so overall I'm satisfied.

Getting a quality jacket that fits for $89? I'll take that any day.

PS. In case you were wondering where my scars are from my accident, I photoshopped them out, hahaa :D


  1. Isn't it so frustrating when the measurements are wrong? The trench looks great on you though!


  2. I can see where the lint would be annoying.  But honestly, you look amazing in the BR trench.

  3. I find BR ill fitting at times too. I don't shop there often though. It's a hit or miss for me. Love you in trench, however, really cool.

  4. Such a great deal! The trench looks great on you Vonnie! :) (I love the mary janes too - so cute!)

  5. I tried on the trench at Banana Republic last week and was disappointed at how it fit on me! I'm still on the hunt for the perfect trench :(

  6. LOVE your shoes haha. and the trench looks great. i think its great for it to be a little roomy. black is more suited for the fall anyways. and like you said, chances are you'll wear layers. nice buy!

  7. really like the trench :). thanks for the review, i'm considering it! (not in tall though, since I'm short!!!)

  8. What a great trench!  It's always nice to add some classics to the wardrobe :)

    Cup of Tea

  9. nice idea.. thanks for sharing...

  10. I just bought the BR khaki one on line on sale ! I can't wait for it to get here so I can try it on.


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