Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crochet and Mint

I just can't WAIT for summer. With this outfit, here's hoping that summer comes earlier than ever. It's been way too cold for the past 6 months!! In preparation for the sun shiny days, I've hauled a lot of springy light chiffon blouses and cute shorts. Though I'm naturally tanned and don't really need to get any darker (my bf already makes fun of my tanned skin) I still yearn for the day that I can curl up near the window and sleep with the sun as my blanket. Meow~

One thing that I can see myself wearing all the time are these crochet shorts that I received from Oasap a week ago. They're $30, but if you sign up as a first time customer they'll send you a coupon for 25% off, making these babies only $22.50. They're comfortable, cute, and sexy, giving off that skirt vibe- little do the boys know they're actually shorts! Ricky is impartial to these because he thinks it looks too much like a doily. Well poo! I'm going to wear them anyways!

Wholesale7 blouse (here); Oasap crochet shorts (here); Banana Republic Espadrilles

Having shorts like these is very versatile. You can pretty much through on any blouse and go. I chose the mint one because it's such a cute pastel colour, and very IN for Spring. Right now, you can't go to the mall without spotting a pair of mint coloured jeans (*GAP, hint hint).

Can't forget your espadrilles!

I love the scalloped edges. They add a little cuteness to the shorts. Don't mind my uneven hem, I didn't fix it before the picture snapped :P

If you do plan on getting these, a warning: these only come in one size, but they are very stretchy. I would say anyone under 27 pant size these would fit. I am a 24/25 and these fit perfect.

Also BEWARE: They are a bit sheer. I recommend nude underwear or something itty bitty :)


  1. Oh I cannot wait for summer either. Such a cute top.

  2. Wow I love those crochet shorts. I might go get them in black...

  3. i love mine too! i'm also digging mint green for spring as well. we should wear ours together. totally getting the black ones now =) 

  4. How do you care for your clothes?? You have the best clothes but they all look super delicate! How do you wash them? What's your laundry routine like?

    Thank you :)

  5. mint and lace = pretty cool!


  6. I need to pick up some mint items ASAP! I love the way those oasap shorts look on you and Kerri, I need a pair for myself! This pairing looks great on you :)

  7. Those shorts are super cute!! I was just on the site there after alison_elle posted about them and was pondering how versatile they are... you are seriously tempting me to get some with this post. And *gasp* did you say Gap has mint jeans?? b/c I went there on Sat and they didn't have any then!! 

  8. i loved the cute short and sandals...really sweet and lovely outfit..^_^~

  9. Those are great shorts.  My oldest sister had a pair of crochet shorts once, but they were completely different--they scared my GF.  They were part of a shorts/halter top set that had big holes in the knitting.  She was wearing the set the first time she met my GF and , well...the holes were disturbingly big.  We were 16, so my sister must have been 32 at the time. 


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