Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wholesale7 Picks of the Week

Despite having a gimp leg and gimped hands, I still have enough awesomeness to pull together a Wholesale7 Picks of the Week! Here are some favourites old and new from Wholesale7 this week.

Wholesale7 is a great place to find cheaper dupes of current styles in store. I went to Zara this week and found a dress with a side chiffon over shoulder piece, just like the beautiful blue on the last row. The nautical bag is definitely one to buy for the summer months (IF THAT EVER COMES!), and I see it being a GREAT beach bag! The sandals beside it were pointed out to me by Emi, and I think it'll be a great summer shoe as well.

Looking at all this warm weather clothing really makes me miss summer!


  1. This actually reminds me of a cheaper version of yesstyle. I'm not sure if you shop there or not. I'm definitely online shopping now!

  2. Yep I've gotten a lot of stuff off yesstyle before :) But yah, this is definitely a LOT cheaper! Hahah :)

  3. nice items! i miss summer too! here still is cold, maybe in one week the weather will be changing but i am so desperate!!

  4. Eeeps I REALLY want that nautical bag and those miny sandals! They are too cute!

    Hope you're feeling better :)

  5. That dress with the peter pan collar is so cute!

  6. Buyer Beware:
    Do some research before you purchase from asian wholesale sites


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