Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wholesale7 Picks of the Week

Not as much good stuff this time around, but some things I've definitely added to my wishlist. Sometimes, I just go on Wholesale7 for outfit ideas... to see what I can incorporate into my outfits and style it to be more 'me'. When I look on WS7, I generally take note of all their outfits (not just the piece they're selling) and put it in my favourites any ways. North American style is so different from Asian style at times, so looking at WS7 and watching Asian dramas keeps me in the loop with Asian fashion as well :)

On to the picks!

This one is my favourite of the bunch. Skull accents on an otherwise simple tee, reminiscent of Alexander McQueen, one of my fav designers :)

I love the accordian pleating on the torso of this blouse. Good for ladies part of the IBTC like myself ;)

Definitely need high waisted jean shorts for the summer. I just hope these aren't fake pockets!

This baby comes in 2 colours. Looks both great for work (hello, tucked into a high-waisted pencil skirt!) and for play (mini skirt anyone?)

Last but not least... I seriously cannot resist this wool suit. I'm so SAD it's out of stock but I've put in a request to notify me when it's back in stock again. Wouldn't I look killer in this? I also love the hat. Too bad my head is so small that with this hat my head would look minuscule. Any body else jealous over the model's hair?


  1. The scalloped hems on the wool suit are amazing! I love reading your WS7 picks of the week :)

  2. wow you did a nice selections!

  3. I love that skull tee.  Do you have the link to it on their site? I want :)

  4. Click on the pictures and it'll take you to the item :)

  5. Haha oops! I'm about to make my first order from their site, I'm so excited! Have you found the quality to be somewhat decent? I love their shorts but there's no way their "one size" will fit my size 28 tush :(

  6. I'm sorry for the late reply! The quality is wholesale quality, so decent, but don't get your hopes up on super high quality. It's comparable to Forever21 and the like.


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