Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Career Woman & H&M Finds

Went to the career fair downtown today, so I had to dress more businessy and professional :)

Grey Suzy Shier blazer (old)
Silver Ann Taylor ruffle tank (Seattle outlets)
Black H&M high waisted skirt (still in stores, bought a year ago)
Black Ann Taylor pumps (LA outlets)

Also whipped up a new batch of business cards. I needed new ones since graduation anyways, and business cards are a must have for networking and what not.


Since the career fair was downtown, and the new TOPSHOP capsule was also downtown, it only made sense to head over after I was done at the fair! I was excited to check it out because they had some good pieces when I went to TOPSHOP in Barcelona. I was particularly looking for this belted trench cape that I found a month ago in Europe but didn't buy.

TOPSHOP Belted Cape, style 07P01Y

Why didn't I buy it? Because it was 114 which is a whopping $155 CAD! This might not seem like much for a coat, but TopShop quality is similar to H&M (very HIT or MISS). For $155 I'm sure I can find something better! But alas, the TopShop cape went on sale on the US site a bajillion years ago for $50 when I didn't know the cape had existed yet so I lost out :(

Anyway, the TOPSHOP capsule turned out to be miniscule. It didn't have anything I was looking for. Very small selection with maybe 10 or 15 racks in total. So disappointed.

TOPSHOP Capsule at The Bay downtown

Walking around the Bay to go back downstairs, I noticed they had Jbrand and Current/Elliot. Did they always have these or are they new? Anyhow, still overpriced, but not as overpriced as Aritzia. Plus, The Bay has promotions all the time, so if you're looking for designer denim, The Bay might be a viable solution.


Oh well. I headed to H&M instead.

I wasn't really looking for anything in particular, but I did want to try the mesh dress Kerri posted about in this post.

H&M Mesh Dress in XS, $35.99
Too bad I don't look as good in it as she did.  The waist was too high, sitting at the bottom of my ribcage instead of my natural waist. This usually happens when I try on things in small sizes. Despite my small frame, I am tall and my torso is much longer than usual XS candidates. I still love the look of the dress, but because of the waist issue, I passed.

This grey dress was MUCH better.

H&M Grey dress with belt in sz 4, $35.99
H&M Grey dress with belt in sz 4, backside
The waist sits on my natural waist line, and looks very sleek and timeless. It also came at a good hight above my knees. Very work appropriate. Also, grey goes with so many different things, this dress can be very versatile. There are a billion of these on the rack, so I passed on it for now. I know there's a coupon coming from their newsletter (said the H&M sales associate) so when I get it I think I'll pick this dress up.

Finally, I tried on this light pink flutter sleeve top.

H&M light pink flutter sleeve top with belt in sz 2, $29.99
H&M light pink flutter sleeve top in sz 2, backside
I loved it! The material is lightweight, and the flutter sleeve design looks great on broad shouldered people like me. It also comes with a matching stretchy belt, which I have on on top of my black high-waisted skirt. This top also features a darker rose-brown feathery/fan design which isn't too bold or busy. It also shows versatility since it could be dressed up or down, which is another plus in my books.

I wanted to wear this for an interview I have on Thursday, so I picked it up for $29.99.

All in all, it was a good day. Landed an interview from the fair, got a new top to wear to it, and got to hand out some of my home-made business cards. BOO-YA!


  1. oooh thanks for the review on the topshop capsule store thing. it saved me the time from going. also i love that grey h&m dress on you! i was gonna ask you, where do you get the magazine from (with the h&m coupon?). i've never heard about that before and i'd want a coupon too =)

    also congrats on you getting an interview, good luck on it hun.

  2. Ahhh you're so lucky to be so willowy and tall! It kinda depresses me how we're the same size waist-wise, but not at all the same shape haha


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