Sunday, September 18, 2011

Comic Book Nails. Bam!

I'm finally starting a blog. Yay~
I should have done it a long time ago, and after some urging from my fashion forum friends here I am. 

I had some time today and decided to do my nails!
They're all short though because after playing a game of bowling last week with long nails, I broke a couple of them and cut them all short :( I need to find something to make them stronger so they don't break as often~

Using julieg718's youtube video on comic book nails, I decided to do that same using different colours and batman onomatopoeia~

Here's the outcome!
(Thanks to Eeyore for letting me use him as a prop , ahaha~)

Right Hand - BONK! OoH, SNAP, OW! #@!
Left Hand - BAM! POW, ZAP, UGH! #@!

The products I used are:
  • China Glaze "Custom Kicks"
  • OPI "Green-wich Village"
  • China Glaze "Breakin'"
  • Revlon "Make Mine Mago"
  • Rimmel "French White Tip Pro"
  • Nail Star "Two-Way Nail Art Pen & Brush"

I'm currently looking for a new top coat. I've tried Seche Vite, and it was great! but after it got goopy, and knowing that it had bad chemicals in it, I think I'm gonna start using a new one. I have yet to find another one that works just as well without any bad chemicals in it -.-;;

All the ones I've tried are always too watery and smudge the black when I go over it. It's not even because I don't wait for it to dry. I've waited 4-5 hours before to put on top coat it still smudges. 

The bad things always work the best eh? Sigh* 

Anyhow, I hope I keep updating the blog without being lazy ;)

BONUS: Picture of my Nyan Cat nails that I did 3 weeks ago on my toes. Still in pretty good condition!

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