Friday, September 23, 2011

Seychelle Booties and Thrifty-ness

One thing that's really missing from my wardrobe is a nice staple pair of booties. I have yet to find one that doesn't look ridiculous and elfish on me. Often times I find they can shorten the look of your legs too if the bootie goes past the ankle. But I'm on the lookout to find one that will fit nicely with my wardrobe and won't cut my legs short.

I stumbled upon this pair of Seychelles, called the Gothic Bootie.
This bootie features a 1/2-inch platform and 3.5-inch heel, with leather upper (my fav!) and a rubber sole. The front strap also snaps in with a button.

What I really like about this boot is that though it comes higher at the back of your heel, the front is low until just above the strap. This leaves your legs looking longer than booties that just across your ankle. I really don't mind the elfy-ness of this one. It's kinda cute.

Now, I never buy anything online unless I know it's the cheapest I can get it through all my online resources.

So what are my options? 3 potential sites to buy from with the lowest prices I've seen: Reverse ($66, black); 6PM ($56, brown); Endless ($82.36, black; $76.97, brown)

Now you're probably thinking, why would I buy from Endless if the other sites are cheaper?

Simple: Price matching and Cash back sites!

Endless has a Price Match Guarantee policy that allows you to purchase the item, and if you find it cheaper on another site within 14 days of purchase, they will refund you the difference.

Additionally, Coupon Cactus (sign up here!) has 13% cashback on all Endless purchases (minus jewelry) on your initial purchase price.


To put it all together! If I buy the black Seychelles Gothic Bootie at Endless, it comes out to be:

$82.36 - ($10.71 cashback) - ($26.36 price match difference) = $45.29!

On top of that Endless has free shipping and returns so everything is covered :)

All in all, I can save around 10 bucks more & avoid Reverse's $5 shipping through my price matching + cashback process.

Every little bit counts ;)


  1. i bow down to you - the queen of getting designer items for cheap!

    i really like the strap at the ankle and how the slit shows some skin to elongate the legs as well.

  2. Very true point! I have similar booties, but without the front slit and it does tend to chop one's legs off unless you wear it with tights/leggings, or wear really short shorts haha


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