Thursday, February 23, 2012

OM NOMS: Flo Tea Room Toast Boxes Galore!

Last week, my friend Karra posted a preview photo of this toast box on her twitter, I was DETERMINED to get my hands on one.

Turns out, I got my hands on 5 of them!~

Flo Tea Room was having a Valentine's Day special that ran from February 10th to 19th, featuring toast box combos for under $15.00. The combos came with one giant toast box of your choice, and 2 bubble tea drinks- perfect for a dessert date! Also, throughout the promotion, they gave out stamp cards where if you try all 4 flavours of toast boxes you get the 5th one free!

I had the luck of going with a whole bunch of my friends each time so we got to try more than one toast box at a time :) So no, I didn't eat all of these by myself!!

Stawberry & Banana Toast Box

Matcha & Red Bean Toast Box

Chocolate and Nutella Toast Box

Original Toast Box (Chocolate, Strawberry or Caramel) - We chose strawberry

Strawberry & Banana Toast Box (for free!)

All the toast boxes were delicious! This is really my kind of dessert because it wasn't too sweet at all. I can't handle desserts that are too rich and sugary (ie. fudge). Most of the sweetness on these toast boxes came from the ice cream on top and some powdered sugar on the columns of toast on the inside. The toast box crust was crunchy all the way around- that was probably my favourite part.

I'm a huge fan of green tea ice cream and red bean desserts, so my favourite was the Matcha & Red Bean toast box. On top were two scoops of matcha green tea ice cream, and underneath was a spread of red bean all over the top portion of toast. To top it off were some wafer sticks, strawberries and oreo cookies!

Nommers Beware: These toast boxes are super filling! I can share one between 4 people for dessert after an average sized meal. Don't even attempt this if you're full!

Though the combo promotion is over, I believe the Original toast box is a permanent addition to their menu. The regular price is $7.50, which is the cheapest I've seen in Vancouver, compared to What8ver Cafe ($9) and 0755 Lounge ($10).

Flo also added this fun new photobooth thingy at the entrance! How do I look with a mustache?

Me, friend, Emi, Kerri

If you want, you can also follow @flotearoom on twitter! They always tweet about upcoming promotions :)


  1. Flo Tea Room is quickly climbing my prioritized list of places to go when I visit Vancouver/Richmond.  I love green tea ice cream and hate fudge, so I know I would like the toast boxes.

  2. This is a really cool idea. I did not know toaster boxes existed. Super delicious.

  3. I've never been there, but it's on my list of places to go now! Those toast boxes look soooooo delicious! 

  4. oh my god they look so amazing!!!! i am drooling over all of them. and i cant believe there's an entire hostess cupcake on the choc & nutella one hahaha yummyyyyy!!

  5. Oh my stars, how yummy and fun! I've never seen a toast box before, but I love the idea...the matcha nd red bean looks killer good, but I think I'd go for strawberry.

    <3  Cambria

  6. I' ve never seen these toast bok but they look really good!! 

  7. I think I go so much that all the staff recognize us lol. I know for sure Harmony (the flo tweeter) certainly does lol.

  8. You're missing out! They have great specials (mini flo) after 9pm too if you like midnight snacks :)


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