Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What! More Red? J Brand Twill Skinnies

I promised you I'd show you the new red pieces in my wardrobe yesterday, so here's the second item! J Brand Red Twill Skinnies! These aren't really new per se... they actually used to be Emi's - but they're mine now! They were a bit too big for her but they're perfect for my butt!

I wore this outfit out to Matsuyama for dinner with Ricky the other day. He dropped me off to get a table first while he went to look for a parking spot, so I went to the host and asked for a seat for 2. The usual host nodded and said, "Okay, 2". However...

Yesstyle Cocostar / Mak Mak blazer (here, similar); F21 tank top; Rebel Yell 'DANGER' tee (grey, pink);
J Brand red twill skinnies (here); Christian Louboutin 'Inverness' booties

More people came in, but for every person after me he asked for their name along with how many. I thought, Oh this is weird, he didn't ask for my name to put on the list... But I just played on my phone until Ricky came into the restaurant. I told him that the host didn't ask for my name, so Ricky peeked over at the list and saw... "TALL GIRL IN RED PANTS [for] 2". We laughed so hard! The host was so surprised and embarrassed at the same time :)

Way to stand out eh? Hahaha.


  1. Nice red pants :) xx

  2. How can these pants possibly be too big for anyone?!  They are so tiny--you are so tiny!!!  Love them with those black heels.

    <3 Cambria

  3. Love everything about this outfit! Especially I love your shoes! :)

  4. He just meant you were THE tall girl in red pants, you know, like the best at something. =)

    We do the drop-off thing too, but not always.  She likes to walk in with me.  But if it's bad weather or we're feeling competitive and can see there are other couples heading towards the place, then I drop her off at the door--unless it's an older couple.  That would feel wrong..."In your face old lady" just doesn't have a good ring to it. ;P


  5. LOL. Well, at least he remembered what you wore.

    Super cute outfit. I love how you added the blazer to dress it up.

  6. nice look,


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