Monday, February 20, 2012

Lobster Pink and Bright Teal

Who said pastel colours don't work with bright colours? Without anything else on, this XL Old Navy sweater already swallows me whole! Therefore, I really wanted to wear some super bright shorts to counteract the sheer amount of fabric this sweater had. It also gives a nice peekaboo if I don't tuck in the sweater which makes it super cute when you're walking~

I didn't know what jacket I wanted to wear at first, but I was pretty set on a leather jacket. To my surprise, this lobster Muubaa leather jacket totally worked! I'm thinking it's so pale that it almost acts as a neutral tone, so funny enough the lobster and teal complemented each other.

Muubaa 'Athena' biker in lobster (here); Old Navy waffle-knit sweater (here); Yesstyle knit scarf (here);
H&M teal shorts (old season); Seductions leggings; Aldo 'Doiley' boots (here)

The only thing about wearing bright shorts is that it draws attention to your crotch, lol. But otherwise, I really like using shorts as my peekaboo of colour :) Make sure that if you are wearing a bright piece, pair it with neutral colours so it doesn't overwhelm the outfit.


  1. Very cute outfit! Love the sweater!! I love oversized sweaters, they are so cozy!

    The Urban Umbrellaxoxo

  2. Agreed...the pink and teal look epic!  Love the bright shorts and leather with oversized sweater.

    <3 Cambria

  3. Nice color combos here! I find it really weird that the leather jacket color is called "lobster"  Aren't lobsters red??

  4. Agh, I've been wanting that exact jacket for the longest time. Where did you get yours? Did you order it online or buy in somewhere in store?

  5. I actually won mine last summer during Muubaa's photo contest :) IIRC Muubaa has a coupon for 50% off f/w styles right now, though I'm not sure the Athena jacket is included. If not, they have lots of similar styles in similar colours :)

  6. Haha... I have no idea why it's lobster. Maybe it's the lobster meat instead of the shell? ROFL.

  7. You certainly rocked this pastel and bright look.

  8. Perfect color combination! Love your jacket! :)


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