Sunday, February 5, 2012

OM NOMS: Sushi Oyama

Did I tell you one of my favourite things to do is eat? One of my favourite cuisines of all time is Japanese. I find that whenever I go out to eat it's usually Japanese food in one way or another. Last week, I took my lover to Sushi Oyama on Kingsway. It's really one of the best places I've been to for delicious Japanese food, despite the chefs being Korean- though that's a pretty common occurrence here in Vancouver.

As usual, we ordered a lot because we both eat like monsters :)

Of course, we had to have a sashimi platter. My favourite sashimi of all time is wild sockeye salmon. This platter came with: salmon, tuna, tai, hokkigai, amaebi, and tako, but I substituted the tako with salmon because I wanted more salmon! This one was moderately priced at $16.90 for 18 pieces.

Ricky loves oysters (a little too much) so he got himself a half order of fresh oysters with marinara sauce. Usually he likes to put tabasco on them for an extra kick. I'm not a big fan of oysters though so those are on his side only ;) The oysters were $5.99 for 5.

On my side we have prawn & yam tempura and miso soup. The tempura at Sushi Oyama is the best I've had in Vancouver. There's just enough batter to cover the prawn or veggie, and it's fried to the perfect crispiness. You won't find big chunks of batter here. Less is more! The price was more on the high side: $8.25 for 8 pieces (4 of each).

Miso is also one of my guilty pleasures. I love miso soup. However, it's one of those things that are inconsistent across restaurants; I find a lot of places make it too salty, or use that dehydrated tofu crap. Not at Sushi Oyama! They use real tofu and tofu skin in their miso soup and it's perfectly salted. I always get miso no matter what the price because I like it so much. Here it was $1.25 per bowl. Almost double a lot of other restaurants.

Unagi don is also one of my favourite dishes. The unagi here is seasoned beautifully and not too sweet. It has great texture and they definitely don't skimp on the unagi! This bowl itself can definitely fill you up for lunch- and for $10.50, the typical price for unagi don, it's really not so bad.

I did have a bad run-in with unagi here once before when they made the sauce too sour, but I notified the waitress and she quickly brought me a new one. For my inconvenience, she gifted me with extra sashimi :) I thought that was a nice touch and I did get my don on in the end.

Ah, the Las Vegas roll. Epicness in maki form: Composed of spicy salmon, cream cheese, cucumber and crab meat, deep fried, and sprinkled with bonito flakes and masago. It's crispy on the outside with a kick on the inside. Highly recommend. The roll came in 8 giant pieces and it was $8.90.

Ricky looks surprisingly calm (if you know him you'd know he never is) despite the great food that awaits him. Or maybe it's his poker face?

Although we did rack up quite the bill here, the food was delicious. I can never resist good Japanese food, so I will be back to Sushi Oyama soon enough for more. I would definitely recommend it.


  1. OOOooh i have to give this place a try. you and your bf order the same amount as me and my bf. I guess we eat like monsters too =)  the unagi don looks so good and that sashimi platter is pretty decently priced =) 

    I have found that my blog is slowly turning into a food blog as well LOL. 

  2. Hahah, I always try and put a little food in here since my motto is [eat. work. shop. blog] LOL. Plus, it helps so that people don't think I'm anorexic LOLOL. Just kidding.

  3. everything looks sooo good!! japanese food can definitely rack up a bill but if it's done right, it's worth my money!

  4. My husband and I also love Japanese food, especially Sushi. Vegas roll is one of my favorites. Your food looks absolutely delicious.

  5. Yum sushi! I love sushi too and the hubs and I usually have a Saturday sushi lunch date. Your post is at a place much more fancy schmancy than where we go though.

  6. I adore sushi as well...and this seems delicious!!! xoxo from Rome

  7. WHY are you tempting me with all this food that I can't try from Minnesota!  Oh my word, looks like the most delicious thing ever.  Jealous.

    <3 Cambria

  8. Those prices are so good! I suppose I've been too used to mediocre sushi at an expensive price living in a landlocked area. For me, that plate of sashimi would cost no less than 25 dollars. 

  9. Well, not that it matters, but, yeah, that looks like a LOT of food!!!  But clearly you two burn it off because you both look very fit.  Except for the oysters, it all loooks good.  I'd especially like to try the Vegas roll and the unagi.

    PS - Rickys are almost always a great choice. :D

  10. love the blog doll! can't wait to read more! stumbled onto your page while "blog" walking and thought i would say a little hello!newest follower! ♥ follow back?hugs, xo!MY BLOG* BARBIE-BOMBSHELL.BLOGSPOT.COM

  11. I had sushi just the other day! Best. Meal. Ever.
    Vancouver is great hey? :)

    Much love, Vivi


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