Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sick Day Attire

It's been increasingly cold at the office. So much so that I had to start bundling myself up with the emergency blanket- no joke. It's THAT freezing at work. And... that's how I got sick. I have a stuffy nose and a sore throat, and don't feel all that jolly in general. No sunshine and rainbows for me. So, I decided to dress as comfy as I could without looking too hideous and this turned out to be my sick day outfit.

Who can say no to giant hoodies, baggy t-shirts and scarves?

Roots hoodie (similar); Gifted scarf; F21 tank top; J Brand x Hussein Chalayan pants (here);
Fluxus burn out tee in white (on sale! mulberry, walnut, neptuneoff-whitecoast, black); Aldo 'Margulis' boot (here)


  1. You look amazing in everything Vonnie! I hope you get better soon :) Drink lots of water and tea and make sure you get good rest!

  2. I've been loving spring scarves these days! 

  3. Take care of yourself--chicken soup, orange juice or whatever make syou feel better when you're under the weather.  For my wife it's soup, OJ and popsicles.

    You look great, especially for being sick.  I look like death warmed over--and even worse when I'm sick.  LOL!!!

  4. love the shoes!!! u manage to still look fab despite feeling sick. get well soon! xo

  5. Sooo jelly of how casually you can get away with dressing LOL! (Did that sentence make sense? I'm so tires from work ahaha)


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