Friday, February 24, 2012

Wholesale7 Picks of the Week

It's Friday, Friday~ That means another Wholesale7 picks of the week!

Yet again, Wholesale7 has been dishing out good stuff. Here is a roundup of my week's favourite pieces from their new arrivals. The pieces I chose here would be great for the upcoming spring season, with lots of chiffon, lace, and statement collars!


  1. So many cute frilly things! :) I really like those shoes at the end too!

  2. Those pieces are so adorable, but I'm doubtful they'll look like that in real life. >.<

  3. I've actually bought quite a lot of stuff from WS7 and most of it looks the same as pictured :)

  4. Great picks Vonnie! I love the simple brighter red blouse (first one) and the cool half denim half black blouse! I'm so tempted...:)

  5. I LOVE all these collared and bow-ed tops...they are such great details to add to any outfit, so elegant!

    <3 Cambria

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