Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Favourite: Red Blazer

Remember my fear of red clothing a few months back? I literally could count the amount of red-coloured pieces in my closet on one hand. I'm slowly getting more comfortable with wearing this attention-grabbing colour, so much so that I recently added 2 new red pieces to my wardrobe. This blazer was one of them.

The blazer is clean of distraction, and has a streamlined silhouette. The sleeves on a size SMALL are long enough for my arms (*gasp!) and the shoulders are a good width. The entire inside has matching lining except for the sleeves, which has a cute white contrasting striped lining which pops out when the sleeves are rolled. There are also 2 side slit pockets and a breast pocket, which may come in handy at work to keep my keycard. Who knew Suzy Shier could make such a quality blazer? On top of that, it was only $35 RETAIL. You can even use your SPC card in store, which takes off an additional 10%, essentially saving you tax.

Suzy Shier blazer (here); Dynamite tee; H&M blue faux-leather shorts (similar in brown);
Seduction leggings; Qupid boots (here, similar)

The other thing I like about this blazer is that it's the perfect red. It's primary colour crayon red, not too yellow and not too orange. That exactly why I paired it with my blue leather shorts. It's also a primary colour crayon blue, so I know they'll match perfectly. All I'm missing is some yellow and I could go in a crayon box!

If I button it up, it's a tiny bit big at the waist. But that's no biggie, because my seamstress (aka mum) can take in the sides like she does for most of my clothing. Thank goodness for mums! For now, I'm not too antsy about it so it can probably wait until later.

But other than that, I'm super happy about this blazer. After scouring Zara, H&M, F21 and Aritzia for similar ones, I'm elated that I stumbled upon this lil gem the first time I stepped in Suzy Shier in years. :)


  1. The red is such a great colour, Vonnie. Love how you're rocking the red, white & blue here :)

    xo, alison*elle 

  2. That's a great blazer--and this is the perfect post for me.  I only had the box of 8 crayolas, so I only know primary colors. :P 

  3. That blazer is so nice! Now you're making me want to go check out Suzy Shier ASAP!

  4. When you said you could go into a crayon box if you had yellow I burst out laughing! :) I don't shop much at Suzy Shier, but you've definitely shown me that there definitely are some wondeful treasures in that store! Lovely outfit Vonnie! 

  5.  Nice blazer nd shorts :)


  6. I love the red, white, and blue look going on here!  I especially like that it's not over the top with patriotic-ness.  Just the perfect amount!

    Cup of Tea


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