Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Review: Aldo 'Margulis' Crepe Wedge Booties

Next on the list of shoes I got from the Aldo sale were these MARGULIS crepe wedge booties. They are fur-lined on the inside, perfect for the freak second coming of Winter that we're experiencing right now in Vancouver. Though they're meant to be worn with the sides and touch flipped down, I prefer them up because it's just too cold right now.

The crepe wedge makes these booties very comfortable to wear and even gives you a little bounce in your step. The leather varies between shoe to shoe- some have darker leather and some have lighter leather, though they are all labelled "Cognac" brown. I chose one with a darker leather because the leather was softer and smoother... nice and smooshy if you will.

Forever21 sweater (old); Forever21 belt (old); Zara high-waisted skinnies (here); Aldo 'Margulis' boots (here)

I paired these booties with a dolman sleeve sweater I got from Forever 21 around two years ago. Tucking it into my high-waisted Zara skinnies, it really lengthens the body and makes my legs look longer. Nice illusion eh? :)

Like the ORLENA's, I also sized up to a 9 in these ones because the fur makes it a bit tighter. A size 8 is fine if I don't wear socks, but I see myself wearing socks a lot more than without so I sized up. Besides the soft leather and comfortable wear, these booties were also a good price. From $140 down to $34.99, plus an extra 10% off with coupon code LUCKYU31511, these boots were a steal!


  1. These are cute, Vonnie! I've been wanting a pair of similar desert boot wedges. Those crepe soles are just so bouncy!

    xo, alison*elle

  2. OK. Those booties look good with your casual outfit. Nice one Vonnie!

  3. I LOVE this outfit! Those boots are fab. I own a pair very similar and they're so versatile! haha as IF you need anything to make your legs look longer!

  4. As if your legs couldn't look any longer, LOL!

  5. Love those boots, girl! :)

    Cup of Tea


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