Thursday, January 5, 2012

Backless Dresses & the NuBra

I bought a whole bunch of backless / lace-back dresses last month and I have yet to wear them. I've always loved the look of backless dresses because it looks so sexy, but classy at the same time. I've always found the back to be one of the sexiest parts of a woman.

Wholesale7: Satin Belt Waist Sleeveless Lace Sexy Dress (here)

Wholesale7: Women Sexy Back Crochet Slim Cotton Dress (here)
See this dress on emi in her post here! (or straight to picture here)

Wholesale7: Chiffon Vest Dress Clairvoyant Outfit Sexy Dress (here)

However, I haven't worn these yet because I don't have a bra to wear it with so that it won't show! And you know... as a member of the itty bitty titty committee (hehe) I pretty much have no boobies so finding a bra is a hard thing to do. On top of having small boobies, I have a really small ribcage, so I need a small bandsize as well. For some reason, none of the commercial lingerie companies make a 28 or 30 band size.

But I've been looking around, and many people recommended I try out the NuBra.

I've had silicon sticky bras before, but I've always found them to be really heavy and don't stick well throughout the day. The specific one I was told to get was the Super Padded version (same as featherlite version but more padded), which is 70% lighter than the original silicone version, AND it comes as small of a cup size as AA. Score. It was designed for smaller chested women and juniors (hah!). I've read lots of reviews from small chested ladies and they said that this version has worked very well for them, so took a chance and I bought one off eBay, so hopefully it does what it's supposed to do!

When I receive it in the mail, I will be posting a review, so keep your eyes peeled!

Ebay: NuBra Junior Super Padded Strapless Bra NUDE Adhesive Cup Sz AA 32AA 34AA 36AA (here)

In the meantime:

Have any of you ladies tried the NuBra?
 How was your experience with it?
Let me know in the comments <3


  1. Karina Dinda RachmawatiJanuary 5, 2012 at 9:46 PM

    Thank you for following me, follow you back already ^^ Gorgeous dress btw! :)

  2. Hey Yvonne! I was skeptical about the NuBra but a friend who used to work at La Senza had gifted me one, and I love it! Pretty useful, especially in the summer when tank tops are abound. They just have the regular one at La Senza but I'm guessing it should be pretty similar. I've never ordered anything from wholesale7, is the quality pretty good? Hope your NuBra doesn't disappoint! 

  3. Yess, please review the NuBra! :) 
    That back lace dress is GORGEOUS. I'm so impressed by how accurate to picture it is. Sooo pretty and detailed! 

  4. The first dress is amazing! I want want want!

    A friend of mine bought one her's kept slipping off when she went clubbing because of the sweat-made me laugh hehe! 

  5. i'm dying for a review. i was gonna order them off revolve because i notice they sold it there. but i'm a skeptic of the nubra-like bras (things that just sick to your boobies never look natural or give lift). 

    i pray that nubra lives up to the hype!

  6. I tried one of those once.. it worked real well.. until i started dancing!  and it started to slip.. needless to say i was PANICKING! haha.. but it stayed put so i do recommend them :)
    much love from beemod

  7. black color you chose for your dress and stay beautiful!
    I commented that I have used NuBra and has been very useful!

    apology for my writing!


  8. Looks little awkward but it's a must have because when the day comes and if you don't have it, it's like you need whole another plan! x)

  9. I totally saw the NuBra at a department store when I was Christmas shopping. I was very intrigued because I too am about of the itty bitty committee (harhar). I have the silicone sticky bras, but they always seem to make the "girls" look loppsided. Anyway, looking forward to your review on it! I might just go out and get it myself because I LOVE backless dresses.


  10. I love dresses with interesting backs to them. Gorgeous!

  11. LOL major wardrobe malfunction! It would be funny to watch but horrible to experience. If I were her I would be mortified!! XD

  12. You should get one and do a review for big boobies lol ;)

  13. Thanks for letting me know! Apparently this one hold up very well cuz it's super light weight, so I'm hoping that's true ;)

  14. No problem, thanks for visiting!

  15. So true, but no one will see it except yourself! :)

  16. HAHAHA! Lopsided boobs are a big no-no :D Hopefully it comes soon so I can try it out. Dying to wear the dresses.. even though I have no occasion to LOL.

  17. Can't wait to read your Nu Bra review, I wanted to wear this backless dress for my company's Christmas party but couldn't find a proper bra. Great dresses! 

    From what I heard, the hardware for Marc Jacobs/MbMJ tends to be on the heavy side. I was going to get my mom the Blake bag but I passed after hearing how heavy it is. I'm more of a smaller size bag girl. I'm only 5'1 and I find that anything about 14" in length just looks way too giant on me! Works out I guess cause I bring less and I worked in a physio office before, they really know how to scare you out of wearing big bags lol

  18. Super sexy dresses! I need something like this, cant wait for your review
    Newest Post: Wall of Color

  19. Argh, I hate the bra issue that comes with lovely strapless or backless dresses - it can be so frustrating! This NuBra seems like a good option so I hope it works when you get it and use it :)

    The black lace dress is gorgeous  :)

  20. I've never tried it...but I've heard it does good things :)  I know I've always had trouble finding bras too because I've got B size boobs, but my ribcage is like a 30 or 32.  Plus I had padded bras, so it just whomps trying to find one in my size that's JUST my size with no additions!  Hope it works out for ya, because those dresses are lovely and I want to see you work them!

    <3 Cambria

  21. Amazing dresses! Going to keep an eye out for posts with them, especially the second one :) Bet it will look gorgeous...

  22. i have tried them before, but that was before kids, so i didn't need quite as much help!! =) i love your dresses and hope that you can find a way to wear them!

  23. Oh man, is it really bad for your back? Maybe I should cut down on my big bags :P

  24. Bra shopping is just so hard! I want to go back to Asia just to buy bras because they're more similar to my size on top there~

  25. I've heard some ladies go from A's to E's when they start nursing! Boggles my mind ;) Thanks for your comment :)

  26. What gorgeous outfits! My favorites are #1 and #3...I love the backless! Hope you had a great weekend!

    I'm having my first ever giveaway on my blog! Check it out when you have a moment! :)

    xoxo Rosalia

  27. Rites of Beauty BloggerJanuary 8, 2012 at 10:11 PM

    Oh man. I'm freaked out by these Nu Bra things, but let me know how they work!

  28. So gorgeous! <3

  29. OMG! Beautiful dresses! I have a nu-bra myself and its really good.


  30. I have a thing similar to Nubra but its not called that but the shape and stuff is the same. However i feel like yes it does stay on but i feel like it doesnt shape as much as i'd like it to. They're handy for backless or low back garments. I cant wait for your review !

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  33. Better one, that gorgeous backless dress really looks awesome. The model is also smiling beautifully; I believe she has shaped her breasts with Bye Bra breast stickers.
    This hottie has nicely lifted her breasts. I think she is wearing Bye Bra breast stickers to fit that appealing strapless dress.


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