Sunday, January 29, 2012

OM NOMS: Dine Out Vancouver 2012

This past week I had the chance to go to two restaurants as part of the Dine Out Vancouver Festival. I went to Five Sails (inside the Pan Pacific Hotel) with Kerri and Sheila, and Chambar with my coworkers.

Five Sails was great- the portions were a little small, but overall, every course was quite delicious and satisfying. I chose the Lobster Bisque to start, followed by the Grilled "Prime" New York steak and the Pavlova for dessert. The restaurant also treated us with a shrimp salad cocktail and little chocolate cubes before and after our 3-course meal. I also ran into an old high school friend working at the restaurant, which was a nice surprise! Shoutout the Laura :) ~

Miniature shrimp salad cocktail

Lobster Bisque with fresh Atlantic lobster - looks like a latte doesn't it?

Grilled "Prime" New York steak (prepared medium/medium rare) silky Madeira sauce, crisp sweet onion rings vegetables in season

Pavlova with fresh seasonal & exotic fruits fruit coulis & silky creme Anglaise

Little chocolate cubes

Chambar is a Belgian restaurant who has a huge love of extreme ambient lighting, lol. It was so dark in there I could barely tell what I was eating. So sorry for the dim pictures- the flash made it even worse. I also forgot to take a picture of my first course.

For my dinner, I chose the chevreuil carpaccio to start, the tomato soup mussels + fries, and the toasted meringue with cream cheese ice cream for dessert. Rest assured- the food was also very good (especially the cream cheese ice cream) despite not being about to see it, though the mussels could have been less salty.

This is all they had for lighting. A candle per table. haha.

Moules-Frites Congolaise - Mussels, tomato coconut cream, smoked chili & lime, cilantro

The 'frites' - I loved these so much I ate my friends' too lol.

Lemon curd, toasted meringue

THE CREAM CHEESE ICE CREAM... omgaaah om noms.

I always try and partake in the Dine Out festival because it's a great way to try out those otherwise expensive restaurants for a cheaper price. Though it may be a bit hard to book tables because of the increased amount of guests, I still do it every year~

Did you try out any restaurants for Dine Out this year? :)

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  1. The food all looked good.  In DC it's called Restaurant Week--and I missed it this year.  Between too many lunches and dinners with friends in December and too much work in January, it just didn't work out this year.

  2. Yum! I'm going to Chambar with Sheila etc so I'm looking forward to it even more now after seeing what you ate! Definitely going to get those mussels.

  3. this is lovely :) i love the cocktail shrimp salad :)

  4. I went to Chambar's last night for DOV too! Amazing food but horrible horrible lighting.

    I was too embarrassed to use flash photography so all my food shots are non-existent :(

  5. Isn't it fun trying these fabulous restaurants?  Makes me feel really classy :)  We have "Restaurant Week" here in Minneapolis, and last year I went to an amaaaaaaaaazing seafood place!  The first restaurant you went to look oustanding, jealous!

    <3 Cambria

  6. wow the food all looks amaaazing!!! the lemon meringue is so cute :D what a great chance for ppl to try out new restaurants! 

  7. o0o, I didn't know other places had similar festivals! <3

  8. The wine was super expensive too o.0

  9. Ours only lasts about 2 weeks so really it's not enough time at all! They should make these things at least a month long!


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