Friday, January 13, 2012

Tuxedo Waistcoat & ZARA Haul

GUESS WHAT! This is my 100th  post! :) Yay me!

Now, back to your regular scheduled programming...

Couple nights ago I swung by Zara downtown after work to find my beloved crepe wedge shoes. To my dismay, the red beauties were no where to be found, but I ended up leaving zara with a huge bag of goodies instead. As nice as it is to have a shopping buddy, I always seem to shop better alone. More efficient that way. So I left with 2 blouses, a vest, a pair of pants, and a jacket- all for $156 after tax. I thought it was a pretty decent score.

Today's outfit post features 2 of the 5 new additions to my already bulging closet: the black tuxedo vest and the high waisted skinny pants.

Zara vest (here); Fluxus burn out tee in black (on sale! mulberry, walnut, neptuneoff-whitecoast, black);
F21 tank; Zara skinnies (here); Qupid 'Revive' boots (here, similar)

These are seriously the most slimming pants ever. They just suck everything in and push up what needs to be pushed up! Reminds me of those TNA supplex pants but not really. They're stretchy denimy material, come in an AWESOMELY long inseam, and the rise goes up to just under my bellybutton. The truest colour of these pants are in the first picture :)

I really like them. For $19.99 you can't go wrong.

The tuxedo vest is really nice. I got it to jazz up some plainer outfits. Here, I'm just wearing a Fluxus burn-out t-shirt (here too!) underneath but I think the vest adds a nice touch. Sorry there isn't a better picture from the front. This one was also $19.99.

Finally, here's my haul! OR actually, 4/5 parts to my haul. One blouse I couldn't find online so this will have to do!

Skinny Jeans, $19.99 (here); Cool Wool Waistcoat, $19.99 (here)
Silk Top, $29.99 (here); Double Breasted Trench Coat, $39.99 (here)


  1. I have those boots! They give me so much height!
    Great blog

  2. I love Zara! it's one of my favorite places to shop!

  3. I love your shoes!  And your legs are like a million miles long.

  4. I like shopping alone too. Gives me more time to browse around. Your legs look so good in those tights. You must be a model.

  5. Haha, but I'm not a model! :P Thanks for the compliment!

  6. I love ur boots. Do check out ZARA haul on my blog.


  7. love your shoes :)
    Love Lois xxx

  8. I love this outfit! I just found your blog and love it! You have a new follower!

    A Southern Drawl

  9. Vonnnniieee! I saw the Crepe Wedge today at the Zara in Richmond Centre!
    There were sizes 6-9 left (but not very many pairs). It was on sale for
    I was super tempted to just buy a pair for you, but I forgot what size you were looking for :(

    Eeeps your boots are so gorgeous and you look absolutely fabulous! :)

  10. OOOOMG Are you serious!?? I called them a couple days ago and they said they didn't have any!! K I'm totally going there tomorrow. THANKS FOR THE TIP YOU'RE THE BEST <3333

  11. They totally lied! I saw them immediately after I stepped into Zara! How can you miss that gorgeous red!? :) I hope they'll have your size left as there were only 4-5 pairs left today and they are SUCH a good deal! Post if you get them!! :):)

  12. Darnit!! Do you remember if there was a EU39/US8?

  13. great look! 

  14. I can't believe u were talking about my legs (yes I have just replied to your comment on my blog.. I am a bit slow, but i always reply lol), yours are incredibly long and gorgeous! 

  15. I never think mine are as great as others haha. Yours are definitely hotter :) *nods*

  16. Oops I'm a little late on the reply, but yes they did have an 8! They also had a 9 and a 6 and a couple others. Did you go today?!

  17. My bf went for me today at noon and there were only 2 left in 37 and 40 :( :( SO SAD PANDA!! Sent from my BlackBerry device on the Rogers Wireless Network

  18. Oh my gosh your legs are so incredibly long - would you like to donate some length to mine?! Hahah 

    The skinnies are so slimming and fit amazingly on you! Definitely a great buy!!


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