Monday, January 30, 2012

Blue Lavender and BUTTON Rant

This morning, as I was taking my blue lavender blazer out of the closet, I heard a few things drop onto the ground. I thought it came out of my blazer pocket, because I tend to leave things in my pockets and rediscover them years later (money!). But, checking my pockets, there was nothing there. Then I looked on my floor. There they were. Little tiny pieces of buttons from the (now lack of) buttons on my blazer sleeve. What the hell! I thought. This was the third time!! What a bad start to Monday.

Talula blazer from Aritzia (wouldn't recommend); F21 tank top; Alexander Mcqueen skull scarf (here)
Fluxus burn out tee in white (on sale! mulberry, walnut, neptuneoff-whitecoast, black);
J Brand x Hussein Chalayan (here, similar); Dolce Vita 'Pax' seude boots (black, brown)

See this? See how two buttons are missing pieces? How does this even happen?

Oh look. A promising button bag. Or so you would think.
You give me a single extra button... But it's for the front which is a DIFFERENT SIZE! And I need two, not one! *face palm*

I have two other blazers from Aritzia where the exact same thing happened. My grey wool one from Talula Babaton (seen here and here) also had 'crumbling-button syndrome'. The buttons on the left sleeve are missing some pieces, so I always keep it rolled up now. And this is the higher end TB line! Not even my favourite $15 Suzy Shier blazer of 7 years has ever had a missing nor broken button.

What gives, Aritzia?


  1. Oh no! I'm sure you can patch that up. Minor mishap. Lovely blazer though. Totally dressed up your outfit.

  2. Aritzia blazers are notorious for buttons falling off - even some on the rack are missing buttons. The best thing you could probably do is go in there and ask if they have buttons available. 

  3. Woah that sucks! Too bad b/c their blazers are so nice too haha

  4. wth, how is that even possible?? does it deteriorate or something??

  5. My favourite boots :)  Love the scarf worn with that blazer, really lovely.

    <3 Cambriaj

  6. Wow that is just terrible!! I don't even know how that could happen :O I've stopped shopping at Aritzia (well...I do sometimes, but very rarely) because of their not very awesome quality expensive clothing.
    You should totally go in and show them! The least they could do is give you new buttons!

  7. You look like you're thinking about the buttons in the first picture--not the happiest I've seen you look.  On the bright side, you can call on this memory whenever you want to show that emotion--plus you're having a good hair day and the boots are great. It's really a good day.

    I don't think I've ever needed any of the extra buttons that have come with my shirts and jackets.  No, I did have to sew on one replacement button on a shirt--I didn't know to leave space and it was really hard to button when I was done.

  8. Love the western cut of those knee high boots!  Adds a little extra dimension to an otherwise super slick ensemble...DYING over your McQueen scarf!  So haute!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you'll be back to visit sometime!
    xo-JuliePeace. Love. LOL!Haute

  9. It's not even like the buttons fell off... you literally mean pieces of buttons. That is the weirdest thing. 

  10. Haha, I know I wasn't thinking happy thoughts when taking my outfit pictures. Totally shows! Boys and sewing don't mix ;)

  11. Yeah, I only shop during the big sales (not those crappy $5 off sales) or the warehouse sale. Otherwise it's not worth that price!! I'm totally going to show the manager. It's unacceptable!

  12. I'll keep this in mind before buying any more. Unluckily enough they all crumbled off around the same time lol.


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