Thursday, January 12, 2012

Minty Fresh

Super simple outfit today. So simple, yet so minty fresh. When I saw this blouse on Wholesale7, I was instantly drawn to the mint green colour. This pale soft green is so easy on the eyes, and instantly brightens up my mood. When I first put this outfit together, I was originally intending to tuck the blouse into my skirt. After playing around with it for a bit, I decided to tie it on top instead. I really like the result. I didn't put on any accessories either, to keep this look simple.

Wholesale7 chiffon minty green blouse (here); Lily White pleated skirt from Nordstrom Rack (similar);
Seduction leggings; Jessica Simpson 'Capry' boots (here)

Can you believe I got this pleated skirt at Nordstrom Rack for $4? I've featured it in another outfit here. I had no idea what the brand is at the time, but for $4 I couldn't pass it up. I looked up the brand last night- Lily White. They don't have an online store, only a lookbook, but Nordstrom does sell this brand. Some of their pieces are very cute! You should check them out :)

My half-stretching pose. I was actually stretching when my timer went off and I tried to save it lol.


You can't tell in this post, but the boots I'm wearing in this outfit definitely need some TLC. I've worn these boots so much that the entire sole on the heel is worn down to the metal and makes that annoying 'click clack' when I walk.

Anyone from Vancouver that can recommend me a good cobbler? I don't want to throw these away because they still have so much wear to them! MY mom would tell me to chuck them... but I'm such a hoarder :P Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you guys :)


  1. I've taken shoes to Oakridge Shoe Repair before and they've done a pretty good job. Can be a long wait for shoes though.

    Love the mint green blouse and pleated skirt... I can't believe it was only $4!

    xo, alison*elle

  2. Hi, vonnie!
    very beautiful color shirt!
    to tie is good idea!!!

    akiko from Japan

  3. I cant believe that skirt was only $4!!! Crazy! Super cute colored top - a very pleasant splash of color :)

    I usually go to Both Feet on Main Street for shoe repairs and resoling. It's a bit pricey, but the workmanship is superb (plus I work in the area so it's super convenient for me).

  4. Karolina TrębickaJanuary 13, 2012 at 3:58 AM

    You look really nice <3 amazing blog I'm following :)

  5. lovely top :) 
    i have a giveaway happening on my blog. Would love it if you can take part

  6. Pretty outfit! I always adore mint color stuff and that's not only clothing :)
    Mint chocolateeee!


  7. Mmm I love mint chocolate too!! Thanks for visiting!

  8. o0o, interesting! I'll check it out! Thanks :)

  9. Ya! Sometimes NR can have some great things :)

    Both Feet eh? Thanks for the tip. I'll def check'em out! <3

  10. Oakridge Shoe Repair, added to my list of places to check out. Thanks Alison :)

  11. this is adorable :) love the minty colour :)
    following you

  12. aw you look beautiful as always Vonnie! I love the mint color of your blouse. I can't believe you got that skirt for $4!! at Nordstrom! I've been lusting after pleated skirts like that! hehe :)

  13. LOOOVE the blouse! The colour suits you so well <3 Want to find some mint coloured pants for myself)

  14. You should totally get a pleated skirt! They're so easy to wear and gives a hint of girliness :) I can see you in one for sure!

  15. haha. thanks! maybe I will get one. I banned myself from buying more clothes though haha! hopefully I will soon :) 

  16. I like the color of the top and the outfit as a whole!  Very cute and simple :)


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