Tuesday, January 24, 2012

To Alter or Not to Alter? Old Navy Rockstar Jeggings Review


The US Old Navy site restocked the rockstar jeggings in size zero so if ya'll want them, go to the US Site!! :) No more altering for me! <3 Plus!! An additional 15% off everything January 27th only! :)

Old Navy had a 25% off coupon last week so I decided those Old Navy Rockstar Jeggings that all these bloggers are talking about. Andrea from Little Miss Andrea recently got a pair so I figured I'd try them out.

Unlike the 5 feet tall petite ladies that have been raving about these, I'm a good 8 inches taller at 5'8". After reading the reviews on the Old Navy website saying that the regular version is too short and that the coloured ones fit small, I decided to get the Tall version in a size 2 and 4 instead of my usually 0.

Blue Corsica Rockstar Jeggings in Size 2 Tall
This one was too big. Should've known. The only place it fits is my bum (like usual), it sags at my thighs, and it's a little roomy at the waist. The inseam for the Tall version is supposed to be 36", but these are only a mere 33". It's doable, but not as long as my / favourite / J brands. However, I do like the colour a lot.

Saucy Red Rockstar Jeggings in Size 4 Tall
I really wanted this colour but it didn't have anything smaller than a 4. Nonetheless, the difference between size 2 and 4 was very minor. Still, almost the same fit as a size 2 but also, the crotch was too baggy. Like the blue ones, the inseam for this one was also 33".

Anyway, I also got 2 sweaters just for fun:

Tranquil Teal Cable-Knit Sweater in XS
The length of the sleeves is just right, but it is kinda weirdly cut around the shoulders. Always feels like it wants to sag around that area. I'd also prefer my sweater to be a little but longer, but overall it is comfy. I'm probably going to return this.

Sawdust Cropped Popcorn-Knit Sweater in XS
I really like this one. It's soft, comfortable, and just the right length. The colour is really nice and I'm a big fan of cropped tops. The only disappointment was that it had a snag at the back :( I'm going to exchange this for another one without a snag.

So, back to the Rockstar Jeggings.

Problem: There are no more size 0's left on the Old Navy website, and the Tall version is not available in stores- only online. Should I get them altered to fit? Do you think they'll fit as well as my J brand's above (more / pics / here / here / here) if I DO alter them?


  1. I love these leggings. I've honestly never bought Old Navy pants. The colored ones are very cool. OF course, anything looks good on you.

  2. Thank you for the review- they look amazing! I wish I lived in Canada now...

    XX Kathryn


  3. Jeggings! I wish we had Old Navy in my country. And I don't think these looks big on you :o
    I think it perfectly fits ^___^ makes your legs smaller aswel!

    xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

  4. I really like your two sweaters that you bought (and their outfits!) The red jeggings look super big on you.  The blue ones are okay but could be tighter like you said.  Did you get a quote on how much it would cost to alter them? 

  5. love the knit sweaters and all of these leggings. I am in the same boat - 5'8" tall!
    I really love the blue leggings, they are so bright & fun!

    The Urban Umbrella


  6. Love the two sweaters you bought - especially the teal one! Such a pretty color. As for the leggings, I agree with kerri that you should get a quote on how much it would cost to alter, from there you can decide if it's worth it to alter them. I think if they were altered properly - they would fit you as nicely as your J brand's! But make sure you check the content label as these may stretch a lot over time (that's my experience with jeans and pants at Old Navy and Gap)!

  7. I don't think the 2 looks too big at all! The 4, a little bit. But honestly, you're going to be wearing them, and ask yourself if you'd wear them as much without altering as with? Because if getting them altered is going to make you want to wear them more, it's worth it!

  8. Aw, thanks haha. Next time I'll wear a bulap sac to prove you wrong ;)

  9. You can also get them from the States, and Old Navy ships internationally :)

  10. Smaller widthwise? I don't mind my legs at all so I don't want them to look any smaller, ahaha. I guess it doesn't look to big in pictures but compared to my J brands they are huge XD

  11. Yeah, total sad panda! But the good thing is, the alterations won't cost me anything because my mum will do them for me hehehe spoiled :D

  12. o0o, I didn't know you were the same height <3 Thanks for the comment Bree!

  13. The alterations would be free courtesy of my mother dearest ;)

    Good call about the content label. On their website it says Saucy Red & Blue Corsica colors are 98% cotton, 2% spandex. Do you think they'll stretch?

  14. Just my luck a size 0 in the blue popped up on the website! I think I won't wear them at all unless I alter them, so it'll be either alter, or return. I'm looking at exchanging the blue ones and still on the fence about the reds. The question is if I can get a nice simple red jegging with at least a 33" inseam for under $35 (which is what I paid for the ON ones). Then I won't have to alter them :)

  15. Yay! You picked them up. I find it odd that mine came a couple inches shorter than the measured inseam on the site too.. but I'm not complaining! Honestly, if you were planning on getting them altered, I would say just return them and wait for a restock. Old Navy likely will restock them as they aren't on sale, and they have plenty of coupon codes all the time! The colours look great on you though, Vonnie!

  16. I really like the jeggings! Too bad whatever fits my hips are usually too baggy in the thighs/overall leg area! :( They look great on you!


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