Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Minimalistic... but more ruffles!

I dunno what it is, but I've been on a ruffles kick! Half of my haul from Wholesale7 was entirely made up of ruffley chiffon blouses. This one is a nice dark teal blue, has a higher collar that reminds me of traditional chinese dresses, and an asymmetrical ruffle that attaches across the collar with a button loop. Usually I don't enjoy wearing high-collared tops because I think I have a proportionally short neck compared to the rest of my body, and the high collar totally makes what neck I have disappear.

Wholesale7 teal ruffle blouse (here); J brand x hussein chalayan leggings (here); Ann Taylor pumps (here)

This blouse, however, was an exception. The collar doesn't come up too high, there is still a slit in the middle, which I think is most important in making it appear like I still have a neck. I pulled my hair back into a pouf and ponytail to give more attention to the collar detail and flouncy ruffle. Finally, since this top is so busy, I paired it with a sleek pair of black pants to keep the look simple and lean.

Close-up of the detailing

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