Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Busy Blogger Weekend :)

How was everyone's long weekend? Mine was AWESOME. It was jam-packed full of sample sales, new purchases, pampering and eating. Usually I don't make good use of time off because I get utterly lazy and sleep in until the late afternoon, but this weekend, I was determined to wake up early and check some to-dos off my list.

With Emi, my partner in crime. TWINS! 

J Brand sample sale// I got to go to this through a private invitation courtesy of Emi, where we got to pick out as many pairs of J Brands as we wanted before the general public got a taste of heaven. I was literally swimming in J Brands in the change room because I hogged so many pairs. Eventually I narrowed it down to 2 (and bought a 3rd the next day), one of which is featured in the outfit today :) Because we knew the organizer, our items were given to us for an even bigger discount. <3 connections!

American Apparel warehouse sale// Friday was our designated shopping day with Emi and another friend, and thought it was pouring rain, we still hit up downtown for the AA sale at the Vancouver Convention Centre. From last years sale, I wasn't expecting much because it was dinky and small, but this year it was the complete opposite. Knowing that the exhibition halls in the VCC are gigantic, I didn't expect AA to take over an ENTIRE hall. Every single inch of the floor was used for racks and racks of clothing around 50% off retail prices. I scored some chambray jumper pants for $15 down from $50. Good deal.

Shi Nail Spa// I had another opportunity to meet up with the ladies of the Vancouver Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers network again! This time, it was a day of pampering at Shi Nail, where I received a foot paraffin treatment and a simple pedicure without polish. Many of the other girls had amazing manicures done, so awesome that I kinda wish I did my nails too. But alas, I broke 2 nails doing intense laundry today so I'm glad I didn't get the mani!

Rites of beauty; Emicably yours; Oh so vonnie; Macnunu; Alison*elle; High maintenance woman; Maddy loves
Me on the left, Emi in the middle, Alison on the right
Pedi Pod that tired/cramped out my legs because the chair isn't long enough
Discussing Kelly Rowland's perfect bikini body in Cosmo, lol.
Leopard scarves galore!! <3
Overall, I had a great time this long weekend. Keeping busy is good to keep my mind of missing my bf whose overseas right now T^T. Aha, only for a week but still. I iz sappy. Don't judge! Anyway, I'll be wearing some of my new purchases to work so keep an eye out for future outfit posts :)

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


  1. You scored some amazing deals, Vonnie... super jealous. It was great seeing you on Saturday! :)

    xo, alison*elle

  2. Wow the quality of the photos once uploaded to blogger is really bad o__0

  3. @Sheila: YA, I know :( Oh well.

  4. what a great weekend! i'm so sad i couldn't come to the nail thing =(

  5. what awesome deals! Just curious, what are some of your favorite online websites that ship to canada?

  6. @illa2015: One of my favourites is Free shipping, even to Canada! Even if I can't find something on another site, I always try and price match it with Revolve because their CS is just too awesome.


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