Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vancouver Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012 Day 2

As mentioned in my last blog post, here I am with a recap of Day 2.

For a person that has never been to fashion week before, this experience was pretty cool. We got to meet the manager, who took us backstage where there were lots of yummy topless male models and rows and rows of cosmetic stations. We also go to go into the VIP section, but since we are pretty much NOBODIES and had no idea who THOSE VIP were, we did a quick walkthrough and left. It WAS however pretty cool to get past the big huge bouncer into the VIP section without a problem, lol.

6 designers were showcased today:

Joseph Ribkoff
Mermaid Moon
Kings & Paupers
Musa Shah
Valerio Moda

We arrive a bit late at 6:30 but made it in time to see the Joseph Ribkoff show. The designer only showcased 6-7 pieces from his collection. Didn't get a chance to take a picture of this show because we were still settling in.

Between each show there was a 15 min. intermission, but most of the catwalks were a bit behind schedule.

Papillon was next, and this collection looked very wearable. In the picture below, on the very right, you can see this one dress with a black vertical stripe down the back with a bow at the end. That one was my favourite.

After that was Mermaid Moon, a designer from Victoria. This catwalk was really interesting because instead of the normal face-paced walks the models do, they did a slow motion walk. It was kinda creepy at first, almost zombie-esque. Combined with this ripple-y, water-y, trancey music, it had a supernatural feel, just like the pieces.

During the next intermission, the VFW manager gave us VIP seats in the front row of the fashion show. We were hyped! Better photo ops! Just in time too because those yummy male models we had seen backstage were the part of the next show for Kings & Paupers, featuring one of my favourite clothing pieces of all time... DENIM! Imagine the girly giggles we had when we saw these muscular models walk down the catwalk with their pecs jiggling. Yes, we were so close we could touch them! Of course... we didn't ;)

Some of my favourite jeans from the show. The whiskering is so nice on these, and middle picture features a coated jean! I love coated jeans! The female model is also wearing a pair of the men's jeans- epitome of boyfriend jeans.

The full roundup. I definitely need to get a pair of these for my bf.

The next show featured Musa Shah, a Dutch designer that is half-Indian/half-Pakistani. These origins are very featured in his looks. Very desert feel. I liked a lot of these pieces and some of them I would totally wear myself.

Very cool. I like them all.

We didn't stay for the final show because we were WAY too hungry.
When hunger calls... there's no stopping a nomster!
We snapped a few more pics and off we went.
Here I am on the runway :)

Emi on the sidelines looking classy ;)

And her theme of the night! Black and Gold! Love it.

I'll be heading to Fashion Week again on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with more blogger friends ;)

Don't worry, I'll keep you posted!


  1. wow! im excited! i have to pick out an outfit to wear for friday and saturday. im so stocked to go =)

    btw, i love emi's style! can't wait to possibly meet her =)

  2. I'm not a fan of the super baggy pants on the male models. Those are not flattering at all. They give their bodies no shape at all. And then to put that baggy shirt on top of them? No way!

    I do however love the jeans that were featured, though. I've got a super soft spot for blue jeans! You can never have enough!

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  4. @Blogging at Tiffany's: Thanks for visiting! I agree it isn't most flattering but I can appreciate the design aspect :) I feel the same way about jeans! That's why I have over 40 pairs ;)


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