Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wishlist Item #2: Chanel Wallet On Chain (Caviar)

Dear Santa,

I would love a Chanel WOC in Caviar this Christmas. I've been a good girl.

I know you're thinking, "But you're a big purse type of gal! You love gigantic purses that can carry every item that you own!" Yes, I do love large handbags... but you don't understand. This is the purse that's going to revolutionize my purse needs. I'm going to minimize my needs on foot and live with just my phone, keys, a wallet and some lipbalm. With this purse, I'll learn to live without my portable measuring tape and safety scissors. This purse is going to help me get rid of the disease that rots my purse with extra bandaids, blister block, usb cords, flash drives and headphones. This, Santa, is the purse!

I've thought about it a long time. This purse, is actually 4 purses in one.

1) The Simple Clutch: chains tucked in
2) The Accessorized Clutch: chains hanging out
3) The Crossbody: worn with full length chain out
4) The Shoulder: worn by doubling the chain

Every girl's gotta have a Chanel amirite? And look at all the colours it comes in!

See? The celebs agree. This is the purse!
I know you'll pull through!~
But... if not, that's okay. I plan on buying it myself anyways :)

Oh... so vonnie (xoxo)


  1. I need to make my wish list too ;) And Chanel is one my list, thanks for reminding me!

  2. One day.. I will have a Chanel! However they keep raising the prices so that I relatively never have enough to justify buying one! lol

    I've wanted it forever!!! But I can't afford it :(
    But I read your post before the picture loaded cause it took a long time, and when you were talking about this purse revolutionising your whole BIG purse need, I laughed and that "Noooo" but then I saw the picture, realised the purse you wanted (no, i didnt know the name of the purse I wanted, I just called it that chanel purse)... then I realise OHHH YES... I do believe that this purse can do all that AND MORE!

  4. @just tututiny: Thanks for visiting :) I love your username!
    @MizzJ: I figured I would get it now before they raise the prices again! And my friend is going to Paris next week so she's going to be the best friend ever and help me get one there. So much cheaper!
    @Ash Louise: Haha! Your comment made me smile. Glad to see another big purse lover! I hope you'll be able to get this WOC soon ;)

  5. oh I would LOVE to get that purse for christmas! I hope santa will make me one as well haha ohh if only it was that easy huh?! :D

  6. i barely use my Chanel WOC because it's so small. I can't fit my phone AND camera in it at the same time. It has to be one of the other and then moneys, keys, pack of gum, lipgloss, & mirror/compact.


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