Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bundling Up with a Drapey Sweater Cardigan

On Monday, I learned my lesson. Work has freezing temperatures, and one medium-thick layer sweater was NOT enough. I sit a foot away from a single pane window the size of a cinema big screen, 8 floors up, and I swear the heat is pms-ing because it refuses to heat my side of the office.

So Tuesday, I was prepared. I wore double the amount of clothing I had on Monday, to show the cold air whose BAUS.

Seductions knit cardi and leggings; H&M vneck sweater, shorts & belt; AE boots
That's right, I'm wearing TWO sweaters. A v-neck sweater and a knit sweater cardigan.
The second, twice as thick as the first.

Ya'll know how I love pockets in my cardigans:

Handy for storing lip balm and my keycard

I wore it belted most of the day to keep in the warmth. 

Belted & Unbelted

Needless to say...

vonnie: 1
cold office: 0


  1. you are right. i was so cold today at work. i think that's how i'm getting worse. i like how you pull off light grey leggings =)


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