Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Boring? NOT! Tory Burch Snakeprint Pumps!

I just started my new job this week, so look out for moar outfit photos in the future. Now I actually have a daily excuse to dress nice ;) Not that my job really requires it, haha.

This past weekend was the yearly Holt Renfrew gift card promotion- You recieve 25% of your purchase back on a gift card which you can use from the 7th until the end of November. I went shopping with a dear friend who let me use a portion of her gift card from this weekend purchase :D Nice friend ya? <3

I came home with these Tory Burch bad boys on Monday. They were on sale. The nice SA at HR (how RARE) let me put them on hold until Monday so I can use my friend's GC to pay for a portion of them. Too bad he wasn't there on Monday when I bought them- I really wanted to thank him!

A stunning pair of shoes like these can really take a boring outfit and change it into a fantastic outfit~

Take my boring Monday work attire as an example.

I R Sad Panda in Flats


Now let's put those Tory Burch pumps on. Whip on a simple scarf while I'm at it.

Smart Set sweater; J brand x hussein chalayan; Suzy Shier scarf, Tory Burch Jude pumps

Much better right?

These heels really gives my outfit the "kick" it needs. PUN intended :D

I simply adore the Tory Burch "T" logo on the heel and brings attention to the sleek, gold stem down the stiletto. Such an eye-catcher ;)


  1. Nice shoes babes!! You are so right, those drool worthy heels make the outfit!

  2. Those are gorgeous! How much did you manage to snag them for?

  3. Ooo those are hot! haha will you be wearing them Saturday? ;)


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