Saturday, November 5, 2011

Vancouver Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012 Day 4

Warning, this post is pic heavy!

The shows at Vancouver Fashion Week were even better the second time around! Technically today was Day 4, but I didn't have time to go to Thursday's show.
The crowd was so much larger than Wednesday and there were a lot more decorations put up. Even the catwalk wall was smothered in colourful paint strokes that I heard Pamela Masik did herself. It was a welcomed change compared to the plain white wall that was there before.

I'll spare you the details (you can read more in my other VFW post) and go right on into the show.

Today's featured designers were:
[click to go to available pictures of each; my favourites in bold]

Temna Fialka
mortar & pestle apparel
Di Designs
Shilmel Zagvar Fashion Center
Farida Lalji
Karlinha Jewelry
Eva Chen
The True’s Fashion

It was supposed to start at 5pm and end at 9:45pm, but like last time, the shows were late again. I arrived at 6pm just in time for the 2nd show, mortar & pestle apparel.

mortar & pestle featured a lot of emerald green, teal, yellow, and purple in their collection and they all complimented each other very well. The designs were actually very wearable and I liked most of them. I couldn't get a good picture since we were in the middle of the bleachers when we first got there so these are all I got.

Next was Angeleye, a brand from the UK, debuting for the first time in Canada.

I really didn't find their designs that eye-catching and it wasn't that interesting to me. But I guess I'll let you decide with the pictures below. Sorry they're blurry; models walk damn fast!

After intermission came Di Designs.

The designs were all over the place. We spent a good part of this show trying to figure out what the general theme was. At first it was a bit gothic, then woodland faerie, then random shiny swimwear. I couldn't really figure it out.

Final loop.

The designer of Di designs on the right in blue.

After some 'meh' shows, FINALLY came a fantastic one, courtesy of D.W.

This show was attention-grabbing, confident, edgy, a little racy, and buzz-worthy. The show started in the dark, where 10 or so models came out and stood at the end. Then the lights slowly brightened, music started, and one of the models started singing to the music, really putting on a show.

Some of the favourite pieces. I especially like the studs on the back of the first denim vest. Some models also came out blindfolded (crazy!) with black paint smeared across their mouths. I wonder how hard it was to see under those blindfolds.

The complete collection.

The designer, Daryl White, in black next to the singer in pink hair.

OMG. Next was Shilmel Zagvar Fashion Center. This was easily my favourite designer of the day. My pictures really don't do the designer justice. Such wearable pieces, great design. Military chic combined with classical wear; I simply adored the leather accents on everything in the collection. Some of it reminded me a bit of Mackage, especially the first few jackets, but it eventually branched off into a much more classy collection.

Some great designs:

The roundup. Much deserved, Shilmel Zagvar Fashion Designer received a standing ovation when the show was finished :) Congrats on a great collection!

The last show I took pictures of before my camera died was Farida Lalji. Her sari's were so beautiful even I wanted to wear one! Such a stunning collection, you really should see for yourself ;)

Some of my favourites:

There were SO many different pieces in this ginormous collection. It really was a sight to see. This designer also received a standing ovation :)

The designer walking up on the left side.

I didn't get to take pictures of the rest of the shows after this and I only stayed until Karlinha Jewelery. However, for the time I was there it was amazing! I'm always surprised at what new designers come up with and ones today definitely had some great ideas that satisfied my mind :)

I'll be back again on Saturday!


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