Friday, December 2, 2011

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Haul

You knew this post was coming. How can it not be when one of the biggest shopping days of year just past?
Oooh man. So many deals too be had this year, specifically DJ Premium, Ann Taylor / Loft, Endless, and Aldo.

Before I get into the haul, I found these funny shoes during my online shopping frenzy. Don't they totally remind you of Rudolph the Red Nosed raindeer? Just throw on some antlers and you're good to go! LOL~

Anyways, let's take a look at the damage:

DJ Premium: Total of $298

Can you believe DJP had 60% off in their Cyber Monday section? It was insane! I got about 12 things for just under $30. I got some things for myself (Motel skirts, Insight bathing suit, Rebel Yell tee, LAROK vest, dav boot), my sister (Converse chucks), my friend (Kid Robot tee), my boyfriend (William Rast jeans), my brother (Adidas shoe), and Sheila (Kelsi Daggar sandal). The dav equestrian rain boot I actually purchased through Endless by price matching DJP (+ cashback through coupon cactus!), because DJP didn't have my size.

Ann Taylor Loft: Total of $51

Loft had 50% off everything :) I only got 2 things, nude patent leather flats with tassels (super love) and a ruffle shell for work.

Endless: Total $159 + $13.52 (Tax) - $20.67 (Cashback) = $151.85

Each day Endless has a batch of new deals. I was stoked when I saw this Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Swing bag on sale down from $395! It's the perfect pale gold colour, and looks like it will be a great addition to contrast all my black bags. Plus, it comes with removable tassels (YAY, more tassels). +1 in my books. and heart. <3

Aldo Shoes: Total of $265 (or less, more like $125 after returns)

They had an additional 30% off eveything promo for Black Friday weekend, and I went to the store only to try things on. Despite the pushy sales lady trying to tell me to buy it now, I knew that they had better deals on Aldo's online shop because of coupon codes. I was right ;) GETLUCKY75985 got me an extra 15% off. Below are my purchases. I plan to keep only pair of boots, one pair of shoes and return the rest. Gotta love their return policy.

So in total, the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend costed me a whooping $625.85 after returns. I think that's a pretty good haul considering the amount of items I got: an average of $31 per item with my RM bag included, and an average of $25 per item without. To top it off, I killed 2 birds with one stone by getting presents for my brother, sister and friend within the process all in one go :D

TLDR: This BF/CM weekend was great for me because there were lots of good promotions, I found gifts for myself and loved ones, and considering the things I got, didn't spend a lot of money.


  1. Ooooh, the oxford pumps are so cute! I can't believe those are gonna be returned? :(

  2. Maaa~ You read wrong, silly kitty. Oxfords won't be returned!

  3. Ehehe, warui, warui <3 Good call on that ;D

  4. The bag is gorgeous too~ Can't wait to see it in person :)

  5. wow that's really good for cyber monday! 12 things for just under $30. nice pieces from ann taylor~ they have really sophisticated items that can be easily paired with other items. keep in touch :)


  6. i was waiting for this post! i knew vonnie the deals queen would not disappoint =D


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