Thursday, December 8, 2011

Stay Gold, Vonnie, Stay Gold: Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Swing in Pale Gold

First things first! What do you think of parting hair in the middle? I decided to try it out yesterday and I'm not sure I like it. But you can see it all in this post and let me know what you think. Personally I think it makes me look more intense and not as cheerful, lol.

BB Dakota 'Jocelyn' blouse (here); Habitual jeans; Vince Camuto 'Braden' boots (here);
Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Swing (here in black); Owl necklace (gifted)
Some additional things I got through November but not on black-friday-slash-cyber-monday: The BB Dakota batwing blouse is a nice coffee/taupe colour and feels very soft to the touch. I like how the back is longer than the front. The Vince Camuto boots I discussed in THIS post won over all the other boots, and now I have a great new pair of brown boots to add to my closet staples. The pale gold bag is Rebecca Minkoff, called the Quilted Swing. Love love love (I want your love). The leather is soft and supple and there are lots of compartments inside the bag.

Hmm, can't decide on the hair. Reminds me of The Haute Pursuit.

Ya'll know I love assymetrical hem tops.

I love the drapey look from the back.

The bag!!! I love how different the quilting is. Usually, quilting is square or ilongated diamond shapes, but this one is unique in that it's CIRCULAR. This bag is also a more hip cross between Balenciaga and Chanel. It has all the tassely bits from Balenciaga and the quilting of Chanel. Great~ because I love both :)

Close up of my boots. Smoothest leather ever. So very comfy. Doesn't even feel like 3.5 inches.

So! Back to the hair. Yes, no, maybe so?


  1. I love your blouse!! :) And you're right, I'm gonna return my sheer blouse for sure, thanks!

  2. Love the purse!!!!

    I prefer the side part.

    But you look great parted in the middle as well.

  3. Oh btw, I think I like you more with the side hair parting :)

  4. I think you look good with middle parting. It can look awkward on a lot of people but you pull off that semi-intense-ness (not even a word but I hope it makes sense LOL) well!

  5. The boots look great! Glad to see they're as good in person as online. Hmm I dunno, I think the middle part is too intense and 90s.

  6. The boots look amazing! Change is always nice with the hair. I think your hair looks great both ways! Whichever way makes you feel best is what you should go with :)



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