Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Christmas!

Hi Everyone!

Hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas day. Though it's kinda mucky weather outside, the inside with family and friends is where it's warm and toasty :) I just want to wish all my readers, friends and loved ones the most joyous holiday season and hope you stuff yourselves silly with wonderful noms!

Hehe, I spy my bf in the reflection ;)

And a bonus cheery holiday coloured outfit perfect for going to the Christmas Market downtown :)

Via Spiga peacoat from Victoria's Secret; Old Navy scarf (gifted);
Vancouver 2010 Olympic mittens; Aldo 'Doiley' boots (here)


  1. Such a pretty tree--Merry Christmas!

  2. Hi! I saw your blog in your signature on and I just wanted to say I really enjoy reading it. You have really good taste. Keep blogging and Merry Christmas!!

  3. i like your white jacket! its so pretty and slim fitting on you =) Have a merry christmas friend!

  4. I love your outfit and how you paired the bold green scarf with the red mittens with your white jacket!

    Merry Christmas Vonnie! :)

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone!

    And freakysmartass89 I KNEW your username was familiar :) Thanks for swinging by! <3

  6. Where did you get those gorgeous boots from??


  7. @Tricia, I got them from Aldo! They're called 'Doiley', of all things. Haha. They're on sale right now here!


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