Wednesday, December 7, 2011

More Fur, More Owls, More Boots

Fur? Good.
Owls? Gooood.

(Hope you got the reference! If not: that episode of Friends where Joey eats the cake turned shepherd's pie Rachel made)

I'm wearing the life out of this fur vest. You've already seen it a kajillion times here, here and here, but honestly, it's one of the easiest things to wear that goes with virtually any outfit. Totally worth the buy. As for owls, I've been collecting owl jewelery for a while and have an array of owl necklaces, rings and earrings. They're just so cute!

H&M fur vest; F21 sweater; Owl Necklace; Habitual Jeans; Aldo 'Doiley' boots (here)

These boots were from my black friday purchase at Aldo. Do you think I should keep them? They're pretty comfortable despite the height, and make my feet look smaller (I like that). I'm liking the fact that they're actually KNEE-high boots! The shaft actually goes to my knee unlike all my other boots. I'm tempted to keep them but I promised myself I'd only keep one pair of boots from the sale... and the others haven't come yet. So!

Inside, I just have a simple black sweater. It's getting pilly. I should really take care of that. But I still wear it regardless. I'm lazy.

Ahh, that's right! You guys haven't seen these Habitual jeans yet. They're actually one of the pairs that weren't in my denim collection post. They were missing at the time, but I have since found them. They are one of my favourites out of all my jeans because they are a very simple, dark indigo straight leg and makes my bum look guuuud. Not sure why my behind looks so gigantic in this picture though :(

Closer look at my owl necklace. It's actually a necklace and time-piece in one! :) Another necklace that I got during my trip to Barcelona.

Closer look at the boots. Keep or return?


  1. Ooooh so tall <3 On the one hand, I say keep 'cause black boots are always a staple. On the other hand, I'll be dwarfed next to you LOL ><"

  2. keep these boots! they look awesome on u. i think i have the same pair of habituals. mine r old and feel rough =(

  3. I want a furry vest but Mr. Nunu says furry vests make me look like a mountain bandit T.T
    Re the boots: KEEP!

  4. @Emi: HAHA. Maybe that's incentive to keep them ;)
    @Kerri: Really? My habituals are uber soft. They're from 3 years ago.
    @Christine: GET ONE! My bf hated mine too at first.. but after I wore it he can't stop petting it LOL.

  5. You look fierce in those boots! And your ass looks amazing in those jeans! Lol :P

  6. Those boots are hot. I'd say keep 'em.


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