Friday, December 23, 2011

Another Secret Santa Surprise!

Remember how I mentioned I participated in 2 secret santa exchanges this year? Well this is the other one with some blogger friends. Sheila invited me to participate, and though I couldn't open the gifts with everyone via webcam this week, I want to say that it was so much fun and I would definitely do it again!

Sneak peek at the goods:

So who was my SS?

The wonderful makeup guru Vicky from! Sheila totally spilled the beans that my SS was from the UK and I thought PERFECT!! Because I needed new suspender tights and the brand was HQ'd in the UK! I stealthy added them to the wishlist crossing my fingers she'd get them ;)

This gingerbread card is the cutest things I've ever seen *squeals*

Haribo bears!!! And other sweets :)

Some funky jewellery and packs of fruit tea- I love fruit tea!

And my favourite part: Suspender tights! Vicky got me both the nude/black and black/black- Which is awesome. The difference is in the thigh area. The nude thigh attracts so much attention I love it! <3

Thanks so much Vicky!! I love everything :)

Roll-call of the elves doing the gifting!

  • Ashley -
  • D -
  • Evie -
  • Jamilla -
  • Jian -
  • Kat –
  • Lulu -
  • Rosalia -
  • Sheila -
  • Vicky -
  • Yinnie -
Again, thanks for organizing this gift exchange Sheila! You are truly the best :)


  1. i bought the house of holland tights before and they were one size and omg. it was so baggy for me at the ankles =( i had to give them away. i hope they fit you better.

  2. Yayy I'm glad you like everything :)
    Hope the jewellery are of your taste (I was tempted to get some for myself lol).

    Haha I was glad you put the tights onto your wishlist as it was something I was able to get you from the list as well as the haribo XD

    Enjoy everything!! xxx

  3. Cuuuuuuute! Even the wrapping paper is pretty.

    ps. thanks for your last comment! Come back soon, I dare you. haha.

    Happy Holidays!
    x Niki from A Haute Mess

  4. Yay for Secret Santa :)

    I nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog Award :) yayaya! If you'd like to participate, I've outlined the guidelines on my blog ♥

    Merry Christmas Vonnie!


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