Friday, December 16, 2011


I hadn't taken the dav rain boots I got from my DJP haul out for a spin yet, so I was so overjoyed when I found out it was going to rain today! That's probably the only time you'll ever hear me say that!! Rain is such depressing weather... coupled with the grey clouds, dark gloomy atmosphere and for me.... getting whacked in the face by unskilled, umbrella-wielding commuters. But nonetheless, I was excited to try out my new boots!

Zara TRF shirt; Urban Behaviour vest; F21 belt;
J Brand x Hussein Chalayan pants (here); dav equestrian rainboots (here)

I love these rain boots for 4 reasons:
1) They're fleece-lined! Keeps your feet nice and warm so you don't have to buy boots socks for rain boots like Hunters
2) They have removable insoles- Because I have flat feet, I need to put my custom orthotic insoles in most flat shoes, so this is a +++1 for me
3) They aren't your traditional rain boot! The equestrian look and horse-bit detailing add an extra oomph to your boot and makes your rain boot look sleek and slim... not like a traditional clunky rain boot at all!
4) They were only $34 after the 60% off from DJP! Can't beat a deal like that :)

See how slim they look from the side? If I didn't tell you, you wouldn't think it was a rain boot at all.

On top, I wanted to keep with the equestrian theme. I always thought horse-back riders look so proper and elegant so I tried to match that ambience by donning a blouse and vest combo. And the outfit wouldn't be complete with a belt ;)

A male coworker actually commented on my outfit today.

Him: "WOW, you are *hourglass hand motion*, what's that called?"
Me: Slim waisted?
Him: Nonono... hourglass?
Me: Really?
Him: YAH! I thought that shape was just a myth!
Me: ??? Haha, okay thanks~

I beg to differ, lol!

Close-up of the boots. Aren't they superb? :)


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