Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fur Stole, Pleated Skirt and Oxford Booties

I've been on a fur kick this season! I'm so glad that it's back in style :) I got this fur stole at a steal (haha!) during Hautelook's Buy $50 get $25 off promo. This on hautelook was $36, and together with a shirt for the boyfriend, it came to around $50. With the promo, the total was $25 altogether for both items. Very happy about that. I really wanted to pair this fur stole with something girly, but not too fancy- usually when I think of stoles, I think of glamourous parties and charity balls. I opted for one of my favs: an H&M pleated skirt.

My brother totally photobombed my perfect shot, lol.

Hautelook Fur Stole; Wholesale7 shirt (here); H&M pleated skirt;
Sammydress bow belt (here); Aldo 'Falge' Oxford booties (here)

On my feet are my newest additions- genuine leather oxford booties from Aldo that I bought during their black friday sale. These took forever to arrive! But totally worth it. I had tried them on in store before buying them online so I knew they'd be a perfect fit~ The shape of the shoe definitely remind me of my Louboutin Inverness booties you can see in this post. The leg opening and arch are very similar.

Removing my stole, you can see underneath I have a black button-down. Another aquisition from Wholesale7 (yes, I know- it was a big haul). However...

You can see that sometimes, buying from Asian sites can be difficult for me because of the arm length. This was supposed to be a long-sleeve shirt, but on me it's 3/4. It's not so bad because it's short enough to be 3/4, so it's not an awkward length :D I lucked out on this one.

Better look at the white bow belt. It's actually too big and I need to punch some additional holes in it.

Finally, a closeup of my new oxfords. Love!


  1. Major LOL at your brother's photobomb :D I love the Aldo booties, Vonnie, glad you were able to get them for a good deal.

    xo, alison*elle

  2. you look great Vonnie! LOL @ your brother's photobombing

  3. heheh your brother is so funny. i like your fur stole. yay for the aldo oxford booties! that so awesome they are genuine leather


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