Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bow Blouse, Suspender Tights & Louboutins

I went to a birthday dinner tonight at Joey's and had a great time :) Lovely people, lovely atmosphere~
What I love about Joey's is the gigantic wash rooms. Perfect for cam whoring <3

Here I am with the H&M bow blouse from this post and the suspender tights from this post :)

H&M bow blouse; F21 nude tank; Aritzia shorts; Fiore suspender tights

It was a great chance to break out my Louboutins again, since I only wear them for special occasions. If you're wondering why the part of the sole is black is because they are resoled with black vibram soles. When I get a chance I will resole them with red topys.

Christian Louboutin Inverness booties, resoled
It was nippy enough to wear my Mackage leather jacket too. Did I mention how much I love leather? If I didn't, now you know. I have about 5 (or maybe 6?) leather jackets that maybe I'll blog about in the future.

Mackage jacket; MBMJ totally turnlock shifty satchel
Finally, a picture with my food and drink, as all bloggers do :)

Sitting with a bunny and a bear :) Eating a ginormous burger with a side of ceasar salad~


  1. I need that blouse!!

    And that burger looks delicious. I had a great ahi tuna burger at Joey's a few weeks ago. Yum!

  2. I, too, NEED that blouse in my life!

    Hitting up H&M this monday for sure & crossing my fingers that they still have that blouse in my size.

    Cute outfit! :)

  3. Hope you guys find it! I know Lougheed H&M has more selection because less people go there compared to Pacific Center. Same with Park Royal in West Van.

    Thanks, both of you ;)

  4. Ooo nice outfit! Those tights immediately up the hotness factor :)

  5. Cute outfit! I love the tights you're wearing, can you tell me where you got them from?

  6. @ALISON: They are Fiore brand, and I got them from FioreUK on ebay, their official ebay store. They also have similar ones from House of Holland and Pretty Poly. If you google them, they will pop up. Asos also sells them.

    Good luck!


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