Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Sometimes I just don't feel like wearing any colours except shades of grey. Like today.
Pretty simple attire spruced up with a monochromatic scarf.

Whatttt new background?~
I changed picture locations from my front door to guest-dining-room alcove. :)

F21 cardigan; Seductions shirt & leggings; Vintage boots; Danier bag

Upclose of Suzy Shier leopard scarf & American Eagle shorts

My favourite printed scarf~ Wooooosh!


  1. Was that the danier leather bag you were talking about last time? It looks just like the PS1!! Wow they're actually running out of ideas o__0

    Back on topic... you look really good, as usual. I love your shorts! Did you just get them recently?

  2. Hey Sheils!

    Yap, I told you it looked like the PS1! Oh well. Not as conspicuous since it's black haha.

    The shorts I got in the summer :) Kerri has the same pair~

  3. You always rock the shorts & tights combo, Vonnie. I thought those shorts were cute when you guys were posting them on MV... they look great on.

    xo, alison*elle

  4. Where did you get your vintage boots from?! They're super nice :)


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