Thursday, October 20, 2011

SPONSORED: Vasanti Blush and Eyeshadows

I had the opportunity last month to meet Indy, the Sales and Marketing Manager for Vasanti Cosmetics during the Vancouver bloggers meetup. She gifted us with some Vasanti products to try, and I received the Blush in Rockies and the Eyeshadow Duo in Statue of Liberty.

Super cute packaging and high quality, easy to open casing on the exterior.

Built-in mirror and the pressed powder eyeshadow/blush pans in the centre.

Close-up of the Eyeshadow Duo in Statue of Liberty.

Close-up of the Blush in Rockies.

Test swipes from Left to Right: Blush in Rockies, Green from Statue of Liberty, Brown from Statue of Liberty

A quick swipe with my fingers. You can see the richness of the colour.


The colours are extremely pigmented. I really did not need to pick up much product for this much vibrancy to show, meaning less product = more wear. You get more bang for your buck! The other great thing about all these eyeshadows and blushes is that there is little to no fall out. I can wear the blush all day without having to reapply.

Rockies: This blush is a great matte light pink that is extremely wearable. It isn't shiny like a lot of blushes so you can wear it both for casual and professional environments. I usually wear it paired with my bronzer to give that nice well-rounded glow.

Statue of Liberty: The green shadow is a matte medium evergreen shade with a slight sheen that would be great for seasonal looks and weekend wear. A green & brown smokey eye would definitely be possible with this shadow duo palette, and I will be using this colour for my Poison Ivy costume makeup this Halloween FOR SURE. The brown is very matte and has some golden undertones that will go great with my Asian yellow skin-tone. I think this colour will also be useful in contouring since it is not shiny.

The blush retails $15 for 3.2g of product and the eyeshadow duo retails $20 for 3g of product, both on the Vasanti Cosmetics website. For the quality and amount of product you get, I would say that you definitely get value for money. Compared to say, MAC blushes ($27.50 for 6g) and eyeshadows ($18 for 1.5 g), which are more expensive for the same quality and LESS (or equal) product, Vasanti is a more affordable alternative without skimping on the quality.

Overall, I have been using the blush for the past couple of weeks and I can safely say that I am loving it! The eyeshadow I will get a chance to wear for Halloween but so far I am really liking the consistency and colour.

I'm wearing Vasanti's Blush in Rockies in all of the outfit looks below~ (click to go to the post)

So the big question is: Would I buy these products? Yes, definitely.


  1. I'm a major blush fanatic and I wish I had gotten that one! So pretty.

    xo, alison*elle


    Those shades are so cute. The Rockies look great on you!

  3. Great review! I'm crazy for blush and will definitely be trying The Rockies (it looks super nice on you)!

  4. I really like matte pink blushes. I can see the glow on your cheeks. Great review :D

  5. Cool, it looked so pinky in the pan, but very natural in your photos!

  6. i love the blush as well =)
    did you order anymore vasanti products? i wish i did but my didn't feel like wearing much make up during my recover and i only started recently and then my coupon code expired =(


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