Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween is Just Around the Corner

Guess what I'm going to be for Halloween?


  1. Dammit, I was hoping to be the first to get it :)

  2. Hmm.. whenever I think of red hair I think of Ariel haha! But I was going to guess Poison Ivy as well!

    You should definitely visit Singapore! Let me know if you decide to drop by, I might be relocating there soon :) Lots of awesome shopping that every girl would love. Yup they recently opened Universal there. It's pretty fun. It was so nice to getaway from Vancouver! But def missed the people here.

    Enjoy reading your blog btw :) I shall subscribe!

    Oh Lily is actually a friend of mine :) If we both have time we'd always try to schedule in a shoot. I used to shoot mainly for Vanessa from The Haute Pursuit

  3. Haha, you ladies are all correct! I'll be making my Poison Ivy costume this week :)

    @Tessa: I've heard that Singapore is shopping central. I read some blogs from Singaporean net idols and they are all so stylish!

    You're behind Vanessa's photos too!? Epic. I envy you!

    And thanks for subscribing~ Appreciate it :)


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