Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween: Poison Ivy costume!

From my Halloween costume guessing post a couple weeks ago and my DIY dress form, here's how my costume turned out!

Poison Ivy, the sexiest villain from Batman :)

Red wig (ebay); F21 lace bodysuit (here); Spirit Halloween tights (here); AE Boots

I got this lace bodysuit from Forever 21 for about $15. It has crotch buttons (SCORE!) which was super awesome because it made peeing so much easier, LOL. I found two of these 6 feet long english ivy garlands at Michael's which was on sale for $5 each and took the leaves off the 'vines'. Then I individually stiched them onto the bodysuit. The two bigger leaves I bought from the dollar store. It was a buck for a stem of 4.

The green tights are from Spirit Halloween. They were supposed to be opaque and was 'one size fit most'. I found that they were not really opaque for me (maybe for someone shorter?) and the inseam was a little too short for me (think hanging crotch). Good thing the bodysuit has a crotch cuz it held my tights up HAHA~

This wig was from ebay. It feels pretty natural compared to those gross feeling ones at the Halloween store. Upclose photo so you can see my eye makeup as well. I used Vasanti eyeshadow that I reviewed in this post. I also have false nails on that I painted Red. I got the false nails from Daiso for $2 and you can see them in this post.

Bonus picture! Special guest: Pirrrrrrrrate~ Grr!

The picture looks different because my bf turned on the flash :( I hate photos with flash. Total pet peeve.

Him trying to look piratey tough. Heh.


  1. wow that is a gorgeous costume! amazing job vonnie :)

  2. You are super talented! Absolutely amazing DIY costume :) You look super sexy and pretty - just the way Poison Ivy should be.

    Hope you have a fun filled Halloween!

  3. holy moly! your costume is so epic! hot legs woman! =D

  4. this is so great
    you wear the costume well
    so cute


  6. Amazing!! Love how accurate it is!! Totally remind me of Uma's portrayal as poison Ivy. Great job :)

  7. Such a creative and well-executed costume. I'm continually impressed by your DIY posts!

    And how amazingly tall and leggy do you look?

  8. Thanks for the kind comments everyone :)

  9. Awesome costume vonnie! You're so talented! :)

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