Monday, October 10, 2011

Wings, Wings, Wings on Everything! Adidas x Jeremy Scott on 2NE1~

If you know me, you probably know I'm a huge fan of the kpop group 2NE1. They always have the funkiest costumes on and off stage. Though the colours they wear are too loud for my style, their Adidas x Jeremy Scott outfits are extremely wearable. 2NE1 and Jeremy Scott are very close, so many of their outfits are styled by Adidas x Jeremy Scott's collaborations.

You see all the wings? I've absolutely LOVED wings ever since I watched Card Captor Sakura way back when I was young. Take a look at CCS Google Images and you'll see what I mean. It's still one of my all time favourite animes, so can you imagine my joy when I see JS have wings on his Adidas collection!? :)

Here are pieces from those photoshoots, all from the Adidas x Jeremy Scott F/W 2011 Collection.

JS Wings Ballerina; ShopAdidas sz 5.5-10 $119.99 Black; sz 9.5 $59.99 ON SALE White/Pink
(If you're thinking of getting these, they fit 1/2 size large, so size down 1/2 a size) 

JS Wings Glow In The Dark Sneakers; ShopAdidas Men's sz 7.5-12 $199.99 Camo

JS Leather Wings Biker Vest

JS Wings Hooded Sweatshirt; ShopAdidas Men's S-XL $189.99 Grey

JS Wings Leather Vest

Kyaaaa I want everything here! Unfortunately, some are only available in Asia so I can't buy it here.

I've been looking at other things that have wings and these are next on my hit list!!

Hoodie with Angel Wings on the Back
An alternative to having wings on the hood. I think this one is more practical for me because I almost never put my hood up.

Angel Wing Back Hoodie - Ebay $15.00+shipping

Winged Engineer Boots
I just bought these and can't wait for them to come :)

Winged Engineer Boots; Ebay $24.23+shipping
Winged Engineer Boots; Ebay $24.23+shipping

Winged Headband

Winged Headband; Ebay $2.95

I think you'll be seeing more wings in my outfits in the future <3


  1. Nyaaa I'm loving the grey hoodie that's on the model~~ Is it available for sale somewhere? o:

    And yay for CCS LOL. My first ever legit, Japanese anime ahaha <3

  2. Oh durr. Just saw the ebay link LOL. Sleeves are so short at 57cm... Darn Asian models @_@

  3. I just saw the measurements. It looks SO big on the model! I cannot believe that the shoulders are 42cm? It looks way bigger than that...

  4. I know, it's ridiculously misleading ><! Le sigh. Life is so unfair sometimes :(

  5. I found another one that has longer sleeves. But it's more expensive :(

  6. Substantially so :( Although it IS awfully cute... </3

  7. Thanks for following vonnie :) I remember sitting next to you at an mv meet up!

    The clothes are so adorable! My boyfriend isn't even into fashion but he always comments how much he likes what 2ne1 wears! I want that hoodie!

  8. I love 2NE1 too. I don't think I'd ever wear most of their outfits but they're inspiring to look at.

  9. 2NE1 is awesome! I like how I can actually tell them apart whereas with Girl Generation they all just look the same :p

  10. I love the vest and the foot wear!! So much fun! But I feel like I have to look more Japanesy to wear them


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