Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Lazy Day Calls for Lazy Attire

What's this?

Even bloggers have a lazy day. This is my lazy day ensemble.
A dash of hello kitty with a teaspoon of sweat pants.
Ooooooooo yeah.

A day spent lounging around, drinking milk tea (who needs coffee?) and playing on the lappy... eagerly waiting for the Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special to be up for download.

Good ol' Wednesday.


  1. Milk Tea is awesome :) so much yummier than coffee (to me anyways :P) I love your Hello Kitty T shirt - it`s so cute! I hope you had a nice lazy day - they are the best ♥

  2. @Lori: Thanks hun! I used my time today to make myself a dress-form. More on that in a future post :)


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