Thursday, October 13, 2011

Boho Batwing Knit Cardigan and a Sweater Dress

The weather was awesome today: Perfectly sunny, with crisp October air~

I wore my Boho Batwing Knit Cardigan today which I got this week off Trinity on facebook, an Asian fashion store run by a Vancouverite. I follow a lot of these facebook stores, but I like Trinity best because she has decent prices, very cute stock, quick updates and ongoing promotions. Though facebook may be a rare place to find apparel, it's definitely a good alternative to Asian fashion online stores that charge expensive shipping.

Boho Batwing Knit Cardi; Trinity on FB$35

Inside, I wore a white longsleeve, knit sweater dress and leggings. Sweater dresses keep both your top and bottom warm without skimping on style :)

White Longsleeve; Kismet Brown Sweater Dress; Seduction Leggings; Whooga ugg boots

As always, you can't forget a chunky knit scarf!!!

Black Chunky Knit Scarf; Yesstyle: $30


  1. Ahhh you were at H&M?! Damn, sorry I didn't see you!! There were so many blogger peeps and tweeps there :) My arm was sore the next day from carrying all my clothes around haha what a workout!

  2. the chunky sweater looks so cute on you! love the pattern and the colors!

  3. @Jordana: HAHA, I was all out of breath from running around... + the free drinks lol.

    @Pop Champagne: Thanks for your comment and visiting my blog! :)

  4. Chunky over sized sweaters make me smile.

    Digging your layering action.

    Great blog!!!


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