Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Take on Lucite Lace Crystal Clear Nail Tips

Remember those awesome crystal clear nail tips I posted about a while back?

"Lucite Lace Nails" Created by CND's Candice Manacchio, Photo Credit: CND

I got around to finding some clear false nails on my monthly run to Daiso, and they were only $2. They didn't come with nail glue/tape, so I had to buy that separately. For $4, it's a pretty good deal ya? I'm not sure what the brand it is, it just says Professional Manicure Products in red packaging, and these were the 'oval clear' version. There are 50 false nails in the package, 10 sizes with 5 each per size. They were super long on me, even though I have pretty long nail beds.

I clipped off about an inch using nail clippers and then filed them nice and round again. Then I used some sheer pink nail polish on the bottom part of what would be a french manicure, using Essie's nail polish in Mademoiselle.

I didn't have any lace scraps that I could paint over like they did on the catwalk, so I used these 'lace' rubber nail stickers I got from Night Market instead.

I finished off with a coat of Revlon's clear top coat. Here's the final product :)

A shorter, false nail with clear french tips with lace detailing on top.

In case you were wondering, I rolled some scotch tape up and taped the back of the false nail while I was painting to keep it in place. Then I taped that to the table to make sure they didn't accidentally fall off. :)

I have to do some sewing in the next few days to make my Halloween costume so I haven't put them on my nails yet. I will soon :) In the meantime, you can take a look at some of my other nail posts, here & here.



  2. This is so creative. I like your version more than the original!

  3. @RT: I knew you'd ask <3
    @E: Thanks! :)

  4. so cool! I can't wait to see them on you :) I have to work on a halloween costume too eep!

  5. Love these. I admire you girls for having the patience to do your nails all the time! I don't even have the patience to take my polish off properly. :(

  6. Wow omg Vonnie, these look amazing!! How long did this take to do??

  7. @Maddy: I'll probably stick these on next week!
    @ko0ty & Jordana: Thanks~ It actually didn't take that long! I did them while watching tv, and it took just over an episode of Game of Thrones in total. :)


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