Friday, October 21, 2011

H&M x Versace Collaboration Picks

The entire collection for H&M x Versace collection was just revealed yesterday! Look at all these goodies!!! This highly anticipated collection is expected to go on sale on November 17 so get your game-face on!

You can see the entire collection on Vogue UK, but basically it is glam glam glam :) Lots and lots of pretty colours and prints.

Here are my picks. Nothing I'd necessarily die for, but some stuff would be nice to have... heh.
The scarves look AMAZING.

Which pieces catch your eye from this collab?


  1. im hoping to get my hands on the black studded belt and the black skirt =]

  2. Agreed, the scarves and that leather dress look pretty sweet! Are you going to line up for this?

  3. I *must* get that bag! I'm working, but I think I may bribe my friend to go buy it for me

  4. I love that pink scarf! I haven't lined up for any of the H&M collaborations before and likely won't line up for this one, but I am curious to see just how frenzied the store will get.


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