Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fur Vest & Blue Wool Mini Skirt

Did some city wandering today... all the way to Delta. Made our way too a big thrift shop, where I found some glow-in-the-dark nail polish~ Yes!! Perfect for Halloween right? :)

It was nice and warm, so no jacket needed...
A fur vest would do just perfect~

H&M fur vest; F21 sweater; Smart Set wool mini skirt; Leopard tights; JS boots; MBMJ bag

This fur vest I bought from H&M this past week, seen in this post. Couldn't wait to wear it! The sweater inside is a V-neck I got from Forever 21 last year. It fits so well I have another one in a different colour ;)

I never remember I have a ceiling fan there..

I tucked my sweater into this blue wool mini skirt, from Smart Set, around 7 years ago. Still fits! I'm so glad I kept it all these years. I also have the same one in green :) H&M has similar wool blend minis currently on sale; one of my must-have picks for this season. I paired my mini with some cute leopard tights I got on super-duper sale for $2.50 (originally $15) at Sears a couple months back. I'm not sure what brand they are.

Yay for old skirts that still fit!

As always, rocking my knee-high Jessica Simpson leather boots and my bag-of-the-month, the MBMJ shifty satchel that you guys see so much.

Jessica Simpson boots, MBMJ totally turnlock shifty satchel

One last pic to show you the whole ensemble again :)

I love how my MBMJ bag just squishes into a lump when it relaxes <3

Cheers gaiz~ Hope you're having a good weekend!


  1. I love your outfit Vonnie! I wish I was that beautifully tall and lean to feel confident wearing similar outfits :)

  2. So stylish! I love your poses tooo, so cute! Hehe

  3. @Lori: No way! Mini's look even better on people that are smaller! It will elongate the legs for sure. You should try it, I'm sure you'd look beautiful :)

    @Mandy: Thank you! I try and make it more interesting ;)

  4. I found your blog on TPF and I love your stule, now following :)



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