Monday, October 17, 2011

The Versatility of the Bow Blouse & the Burgandy Cardigan

I love finding pieces that can fit in a variety of different environments and ensembles.

Take my newest acquire, the H&M bow blouse. I wore it last week to a friend's birthday dinner here, and I also wore it today for a work interview. It fits so nicely into my high-waisted skirt. The material was so nice that it didn't wrinkle when I took it out of my skirt. :)

This cardigan is also such a colour that can be worn for both casual (here) and work environments. This burgandy colour gives just enough pop to be memorable during an interview or networking event and looks good on most skin tones~

Zara cardigan, H&M bow blouse, H&M high-waisted skirt, Sam Edelman flats

The bow gives it such a girly feel. It's so cute.

I rolled the sleeves up with the blouse sleeves peeking over top.

Don't I look like a lawyer or something? Maybe I've been watching too much Suits. If you haven't seen this show yet, you should! It's amazingly witty. Rachel especially has great outfits :)


  1. Such a great outfit! You pick up such great pieces. I love how you rolled up the sleeves so the sleeve of your blouse peeks out under the cardigan.

  2. i wish i had the chance to buy that blouse =) it looks so good with the burgundy cardi. makes me want one as well.

  3. @Lori: Thanks hun :)
    @Kerri: I still don't believe that it didn't look good on you! You look great in anything <3

  4. Perfect interview outfit! I may just have to copy this look for my next interview haha


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